Jan Declutter Challenge

Declutter Your Home In 15 Minutes A Day: Declutter 365 From Home Storage Solutions 101 
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  1. Set up donation and selling collection station
  2. Create binder for household notebook
  3. Create template for daily to do list
  4. Declutter or donate old Christmas cards
  5. Read Week #1: Kitchen Counters
  6. Declutter kitchen utensils and silverware drawer
  7. Declutter and organize kitchen sink area
  8. Clear off kitchen counters
  9. Clear off kitchen table
  10. Declutter everyday tablecloths,napkins, placemats
  11. Declutter potholders and kitchen towels
  12. Read Week #2: Kitchen Cabinets & Drawers
  13. Declutter kitchen junk drawer
  14. Declutter foil, kitchen wrap and plastic bags
  15. Declutter food storage containers (i.e. Tupperware)
  16. Declutter under kitchen sink
  17. Declutter pots, pans and lids
  18. Declutter kitchen cabinet shelves
  19. Read Week #3: Pantry
  20. Declutter baking sheets and dishes
  21. Declutter canned food, discard expired ones
  22. Declutter spices
  23. Declutter pantry or cupboard shelves
  24. Fill out pantry inventory
  25. Declutter plastic cups and water bottles
  26. Read Week #4: Refrigerator & Freezer
  27. Declutter food from refrigerator
  28. Thorough cleaning of refrigerator
  29. Declutter front and top of refrigerator
  30. Declutter food from freezer
  31. Fill out freezer inventory (and label freezer food)