Monday, May 29, 2017

Autobiographical Pocket Letter exchange with Natalie

Recently took part in a pocket letter exchange for one of my Facebook groups.
The theme was autobiographical, which was challenging because I had no
idea what to include. I thought I had done a pretty good job, but was totally blown
away when I received my partner's pocket letter!

Look at the beautiful presentation! The scroll is her letter. 
OMG, I'm so far out of my league it's not funny! Natalie is amazingly talented!

The front
The front
The butterflies are sort of 3D and the little books are actual books! Wowza!

The back
The back
Red heart ribbon, a mini notepad, washi, tea, inspirational quotes, candy, and paper hand soap!
You know I had to go play with the soap immediately! Smells so good! It looks like those
mouthwash sheets they used to sell, but it's soap! Yeah, I'm easily impressed.

washi tapepalooza
She sent me two rolls of washi tape as well as several samples

The goodies included in the pockets

adorable inspirations cards
Look at these adorable inspirations cards!
Never would've thought to mount them, but now I know!

Stickers! A girl can never have too many stickers!


Here's the pocket letter I sent to Natalie:

About me: my two dogs and previous foster kitties, I have a nail polish addiction, love to read, and my favorite color is purple. Was born in NJ, grew up in OH, and currently live in SC.

stickers, unicorn foam stickers, mini notepads, and washi samples

inside goodies
Included goodies were a Myrtle Beach postcard, 2 bookmarks, and
some miscellaneous tags and notes

Obviously, I need to step up my game!