Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas!

One of my favorite videos!

Happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Christmas Cards 12-14-17

Cute snowman card from Kim

A lovely handmade card from my crafty friend Brandy

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

12 Days of Christmas 2017

Took part in a 12 Days of Christmas Swap in one of my Facebook groups.
Here are my goodies:

12 Days of Christmas 2017
Love the paper she used! The anticipation is killing me!

Day 1
Day 1:  this lemon oil smells so good!

Day 2
Day 2:  who knew that duck washi was a thing? I didn't! Love it!

Day 3
Day 3:  an Ed Hardy ornament

Day 4
Day 4:  more duck washi!

Day 5
Day 5:  a necklace

Day 6
Day 6:  more washi

Day 7
Day 7: goodies to craft with! Lace, fabric flowers, and ladybugs!

Day 8
Day 8:  a roll of purple ribbon

Day 9
Day 9:  awesome postcards and a Tim Holtz word sticker pad from my wishlist!

Day 10
Day 10:  breast cancer awareness socks

Day 11
Day 11: sleep mask & facial mask

Day 12
Day 12: handmade bag in my favorite color!

Loved the fun of opening gifts for 12 days in a row! And it was even more fun seeing what everyone else received each day! Really hope we do this again next year!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Cards 12-9-17

A festive card from Deann

Adorable doggy card from Daneen

Handmade snowflake card from Jennifer

A lovely handmade card from Cindy

I love penguins! Kelsey picked the perfect card for me!

Another lovely handmade card, this one from Christina

Eulonda sent one with cookies!

Pretty handmade card from Judith

This gorgeous handmade card is from Nicole

The handmade card with the too-cute reindeer is from Natalie

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Cards 12-7-2017

From my new friend Shally!

A lovely card from Barbara

A gorgeous card from Lisa...

Lisa how it opens up to this beautiful artwork inside!

A lovely handmade card from Jennifer

I knew that Vonda would find me a card with dogs!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Holiday Cards 12-2-2017

A cute snowman card from Linda!

A pretty tree card and some goodies from my friend Sky!

This adorable crackle snowman card is from Tracy!

Received this cute snowman card from my friend Amy!
And now there is glitter all over my pants. Glitter is the devil. Thanks, Amy!

Ruth made this beautiful snowflake card! Isn't it gorgeous?

Love this card and adorable gingerbread house ATC from my friend Shirley!

My buddy Barbara shares my weird sense of humor! That's why we're friends! lol

Love the background on this card from Stephanie!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Michael's Haul - November Road Trip Edition

Michael's Haul
Hit up a Michael's while visiting Ohio last week and got lucky in the clearance section! Halloween items were 80% off, used a 50% off coupon on the word stickers, and a 25% off coupon on the remaining sale items. I love a good bargain!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Mail Call 11-14-2017

Mail Call | akaTerri
Was out of town for a week visiting family and came home to an awesome mail haul!

ribbon for bookmarks or tags
Received this thin ribbon from Amanda.
Perfect for bookmarks or tags!

Amanda also sent me these very cool steampunk items!
How cool is that watch? And those gears! 
Love them!

from my pal Evelyn
My pen pal Evelyn sent me a bag full of awesome goodies!
A great selection of postcards, some craft items from her destash, recipe cards, and the Tim Holtz paper dolls that I had wished for! Love my pen pals!

Evelyn also sent me this awesome collection of tea for a swap we did in a Facebook group! Love trying new teas!

I had asked if anyone had any used stamps and Mary Jo came through for me! Have an idea for an art project with used stamps and am excited to get started!

journal cards
Did a swap and Sarah sent me some great journal cards!
She also threw in some cool postcards as a bonus.
Love my Facebook buddies!

happy mail
Received some happy mail from Shirley!
Stickers, washi samples, notes, and a cool postcard!

blank labels
Received some blank labels from Evelyn H so I can finally try to make my own return address labels!

A very awesome mail call!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Postcards 10-31-17

vintage Halloween postcard
Look at this cute postcard from my friend Kelly!
Love the vintage look of it. SO cute!

1963 Dior perfume ad
Love this oversize postcard from my pen pal Barbara!
A Rene Gruau drawing from the NGV museum in Melbourne, Australia. 
Going to frame this one!