Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hot Tub Headaches

Our Caldera Spa hot tub headaches. We bought the Kauai tub from the Paradise series.

Ryan stopped by on Friday to see how the hot tub was after the Super Cleanse.

Short answer - not good.

We couldn't get the bromine to register and he didn't have any luck either. No matter how much booster he added, it still registered zero. Go figure.

Grasping at straws, he suggested we empty it and start all over. Said there might be cleansing residue left in the system, preventing the bromine from registering. Not sure how as he rinsed and blew the pipes out pretty well but what the heck, let's give it a shot.

filling a hot tub is right up there with watching paint dry for an exciting Saturday activity!

Ryan had other customers to tend to, so left after emptying the tub for us. Took awhile to refill, then it wouldn't start. Tried priming the pump by turning it off and on several times, but no dice. 

Houston, we have an airlock.

After wrestling the side panel off and releasing the airlock, we had to wrestle the panel back on. You'd think they would have made this easy since you do need to access the pipes every now and then but no, you have to shove and shimmy the panel until it lines up perfectly, then hurry up and screw it back on. Can you say Pain In The Tuckus?

So finally got the jets back on, added the recommended chemicals and left it to heat up overnight.

Checked the hot tub Saturday morning to find that the bromine was finally registering (we decided to go for broke and put it on 6, the highest setting), but the PH levels were low. But wait, the water hadn't heated up and there were lights flashing. Now what?

Houston, we have another problem.

The heater wasn't working and both the Ready and Power lights were flashing. Checked the trouble-shooting guide and one of the solutions was to clean the filter, as it might be dirty or clogged. Not sure how a clean filter could get dirty or clogged in less than 24 hours, but we pulled it to check. Yep, the clean, white filter we put in yesterday was now brown and disgusting.

from white to nasty in less than 24 hours!
 front & back of filter
dirty, nasty filter
this was white less than 24 hours ago
Hosed off the filter, added some PH Increase to get the levels up where they should be, then let it sit overnight.

Checked the chemicals Sunday morning and we had heat! Everything but the PH/Alkaline was good. A little surprised that the bromine was registering okay and not high since we had the cartridge up as high as it can go, but at least it's registering now.

But the filter. Oh, that nasty filter!

Houston, this is getting ridiculous

Pulled the filter and it was worse than yesterday! Plus, there's now a brownish ring around the tub. Ugh!

Hosed off the filter again and added more PH Increase, as it was still registering low. Emailed an SOS to Caldera, so we'll have to wait and see what happens next.

So much for a nice, relaxing spa experience!