Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shy Shiloh: Sometimes I Forget

Tales of a Shy Dog: Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget.

Shiloh has made such great strides that sometimes I forget she's a fearful dog. Then something will happen that hits me like a shovel to the face and I remember.

It was an umbrella this time.

The girls needed to go out for their last potty break of the night before bed, but it was raining pretty hard. I grabbed an umbrella and we all went out.

Waffles doesn't like the rain, so goes out, does her business, then heads back in ASAP. No problem.

The rain doesn't usually bother Shiloh, but I noticed that she was acting odd as soon as we got out in the yard. Doing that weird hunched-over walk that I haven't seen in months.

At first, I thought that maybe the thunder and lightning were bothering her. Then I realized that those big, scared eyes were focused on me as she paced back and forth. 

Shovel to the face time. 

As soon as it hit me that she was afraid of the umbrella, which she had never seen before, I collapsed it and threw it to the side. Shiloh was still freaked out, so we both went back to the patio to calm down.

She pulled herself together, we both went back into the yard so she could potty, then we went back inside.

Shiloh bounced back pretty quick, but I felt horrible. I terrified my dog. With a stupid umbrella.

Sometimes I forget.

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