Wednesday, July 27, 2016

La Papierre July 2016

La Papierre July 2016
My July La Papierre subscription.

La Papierre is a stationery subscription where you receive new designs each month. You can list your preferences when you sign up, but I haven't seen any other designs so I think they just use the preferences as a guideline when coming up with new ideas.

It's been sort of hit and miss for me lately with the designs. For instance, I love the otter and elephant, but am meh on the other designs.

One of the issues I have is that sometimes the designs take up too much room on the paper. I want to be able to write actual letter, which is the whole point of stationery, right? But some designs, like the tattooed lady, take up too much room.

They also have an Etsy shop where you can buy your favorites or some older designs you may have missed. I wish they'd offer a bonus for subscribers to stock up on monthly favorites or something.

Can't wait to see what they come up with for Halloween!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

PopSugar Must Have Mystery Box 2016

PopSugar Must Have Mystery Box 2016
PopSugar had a mystery box sale for the first time ever! There were 6 different versions, worth at least $100. At only $19.95 per box with a guaranteed minimum of 6 items, I couldn't resist! I received box #2.

Here's what was in my box:

Tiny Prints Thoughtful Heart Stationery (From the November 2014 POPSUGAR Box)

Capri Blue Mercury Jewel Box Candle in Rain (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Govino Go Anywhere Wine Glasses (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Barr-Co Fir and Grapefruit Bubble Elixir (From the POPSUGAR Today Show Box)

Terrapin Ridge Farms Pecan Honey Mustard (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Deepa Gurnani Katie Crystal Headband (From the November 2015 POPSUGAR Box)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Postcards 7-20-2016

Postcards 7-20-2016
New postcards!

A beautiful painting of a woman from Sheila
Spook Cave from Ashley
Army Aviation Center from Bailey
Watch Hill, Rhode Island from Lynne

Great new additions to my collection!

Monday, July 18, 2016

BarkBox July 2016

BarkBox is, literally, for the dogs. Their goal is to make dogs happy. BarkBoxes contain all-natural treats and other the coolest pup products in each box - things you can't find at the typical big-box pet store. Each monthly box contains a combination of 4-6 treats, toys, and hygiene products that have been hand selected and approved by Scout, head product tester for BarkBox. (website)

This month's BarkBox has an Olympic theme, no doubt because of the upcoming games.

This month's BarkBox has an Olympic theme, no doubt because of the upcoming games. | aka Terri
July BarkBox

The Goodies

Chirpin' Good Chloe's all natural cricket protein treats in Apple, Turmeric, & Molasses 
Baked in the USA by the folks at Chloe’s Treats, delicious apple and turmeric are blended with super-nutritious and protein-packed crickets raised for human consumption. Crickets? Totally. They’re insanely healthy, and WAY more environmentally responsible than other conventional protein sources.

USA Salmon Snacks
Open a bag of these salmon dog treats, and get ready for your pup’s astonishing aquatic ability. Every pup is a waterdog when salmon's on the line! These Team USA snacks are baked in the USA by the folks at Honest Love from a recipe that’ll fuel your dog’s watery workout. Sustainably-sourced salmon is blended with whole vegetables, and zero grains to make a wheat-free, gluten-free, treat.

Etta Says deer chew
Got a picky chewer on your paws? Etta Says Deer Chews are a palate pleaser! Made from American deer, these chews are easily digestible and great for teeth and gums.

Barkbel rubber toy
This tough dumbbell dog toy will turn your pup’s playtime into gym time. Built by the pawsonal trainers at PetProjekt, the Barkbel is made from 100% natural rubber for a super-durable workout. It’s bouncy and durable enough to satisfy the heaviest of chewers, and so much fun that your dog will never skip leg day again! Fitness training is an important part of every athlete's fitness regimen, your furball included.

Hairy the Torch
This tough torch dog toy is just the thing for lighting an eternal flame (in your dog’s heart). Hairy the Torch, a Bark & Co Original, is built with a rugged ballistic nylon cover for your next marathon playtime. Inside, your pup will discover a handle full of crinkle and rope for thrilling games of tug-of-war. The top of the torch is made from one big squeaker, topped with the world's fuzziest flame.

Love BarkBox and this month is no exception!
Two paws up!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Shy Shiloh: Sometimes I Forget

Tales of a Shy Dog: Sometimes I Forget

Sometimes I forget.

Shiloh has made such great strides that sometimes I forget she's a fearful dog. Then something will happen that hits me like a shovel to the face and I remember.

It was an umbrella this time.

The girls needed to go out for their last potty break of the night before bed, but it was raining pretty hard. I grabbed an umbrella and we all went out.

Waffles doesn't like the rain, so goes out, does her business, then heads back in ASAP. No problem.

The rain doesn't usually bother Shiloh, but I noticed that she was acting odd as soon as we got out in the yard. Doing that weird hunched-over walk that I haven't seen in months.

At first, I thought that maybe the thunder and lightning were bothering her. Then I realized that those big, scared eyes were focused on me as she paced back and forth. 

Shovel to the face time. 

As soon as it hit me that she was afraid of the umbrella, which she had never seen before, I collapsed it and threw it to the side. Shiloh was still freaked out, so we both went back to the patio to calm down.

She pulled herself together, we both went back into the yard so she could potty, then we went back inside.

Shiloh bounced back pretty quick, but I felt horrible. I terrified my dog. With a stupid umbrella.

Sometimes I forget.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Round Robin Facebook Swap

Round Robin Facebook Swap

Took part in a round robin swap in one of my Facebook groups. Since I was second to last on the list, I didn't really expect much. Imagine my surprise when I received a heavy box, packed full to the brim! So many goodies!

Had a blast unpacking the box and seeing how generous the other participants were! Some swaps don't go so well and you're left with cheap junk, but I really lucked out with this one! So many awesome goodies to choose from!

Picked out some cute journals, stickers, a pineapple notepad, mini highlighters, washi tape, cute stencils, post it notes, a cat journal, pens, and a cat stamp.

My goodies: some cute journals, stickers, a pineapple notepad, mini highlighters, washi tape, cute stencils, post it notes, a cat journal, pens, and a cat stamp.

Bought some cute goodies to add to the box and after three attempts, finally managed to close it and send it on it's way. Best swap I've ever taken part in!

Monday, July 4, 2016