Sunday, December 27, 2015

Shy Shiloh: Bringing Shiloh Home

Tales of a shy dog named Shiloh

While it wasn't exactly love at first sight, there was definitely some tugging of the old heartstrings!

Though we had just visited the rescue a few days ago, there was a Facebook announcement that new dogs had been saved and I wanted to meet them. Sure enough, there were two gorgeous golden retrievers in one of the outdoor runs! My husband has always wanted a golden retriever.

A small girl and a bigger boy, both on the shy side. I've always been attracted to reddish goldens, so she immediately caught my eye. And better yet, she caught my husband's eye! Good thing, because we were looking for a dog for him.

This beauty had been named Merida by the rescue, as she was so afraid of everything that she needed a brave name. She was so scared that she refused to walk, so the staff started carrying her everywhere.

What can I say, we fell for her immediately.

Went to visit her again and the adoption coordinator suggesting we foster her first. Brought our dog Waffles down for a meet & greet, then signed the foster papers!

Shy Shiloh keeping a wary eye on us during the car ride home

The ride home was much smoother than we expected. She kept an eye on us during the ride, then surprised us by sticking her head between the front seats!

Shiloh surprised us by sticking her head between the seats during the car ride home

We had to carry her to the backyard when we got home, but then she walked a little on her own. She went and hid behind the hot tub, where she surprised us by chewing off both leashes. So much for leaving the leash on to get her used to it!

poor leashes!

Our dog Waffles has been wonderful with her and after a few sniffs, is giving her lots of room to settle in. There was one bark, but we think Waffles startled her by coming up behind her.

She found a safe spot off the side of the family room and spent most of the day there. Very encouraged when she started exploring on her own! She even came into the family room and laid down on the carpet in front of us. Granted, it was less than 5 minutes, but still encouraging!

No accidents at all, but we did have to carry her out into the yard after dark as it seemed to make her nervous. She walked out in the yard on her own during the day, so the fog & dark had to be why she was so hesitant. Once outside, she went potty like a champ!

Not sure why Shiloh is so timid, anxious, and shy as no one knows her backstory. She's not afraid of us, just very cautious.

Going to show her lots of love in the hopes that she'll come out of her shell and start behaving like a regular one year old. Fingers crossed!

Friday, December 25, 2015