Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Waffles Wednesday: Jealous Big Sis

I think that Waffles is a little jealous of the foster kittens. I still can't let them be in the same room unless the foster kittens are in their cage because Waffles might accidentally hurt them. She just wants to play, but they're still so tiny and I'm afraid someone will get hurt.

If I fits, I sits

How Waffles managed to get into the kitten carrier, much less turn around and lie down, I'll never know! She didn't want to come out either!

My towel!

Waffles has five beds and two blankets of her own, so why she felt the need to claim the kitten's towel as well....well, guess she's a little jealous. It took her over ten minutes to arrange the towel to her satisfaction and get it "just right". It just annoys her when I try to help her arrange her blanket, so I left her to it and grabbed my camera! Silly doggie!