Monday, July 21, 2014

Becoming the Bionic Woman (or why I'll be offline for awhile)

After two arthroscopic knee surgeries, one of my knees has deteriorated to the point where it will no longer straighten. Standing or walking for any length of time has become difficult. After an injection last fall that got rid of the pain, I finally decided to take the plunge and get a knee replacement.

Tests, tests, and more tests

Of course, before any operation there are the inevitable tests. I had to get x-rays of my leg, a MRI, lab work, and a chest x-ray. Three different locations on three different visits. I had to meet with a GP to confirm my lab work was okay. Another visit, aka another bill. Then a pre-op visit at the hospital where they wanted me to pay for the surgery in advance. I've never had to prepay for surgery before! The woman must have mentioned collection agencies at least four times, so guess people tend to skip out on hospital bills.

aka Terri
The inside of my elbow wasn't good enough for the oxygen test, so they took blood from my wrist. Ouch!

Hair today, gone tomorrow

aka Terri
Since I'm going to be laid up for awhile, I decided to cut my hair. Waist length hair is pretty, but a pain to take care of and I didn't want to worry about it during recovery. Takes forever to wash & dry, so figured short hair would be easier. Twelve inches!

A torture device of my very own!

aka Terri
A very nice lady stopped by the house Sunday afternoon to set me up with a torture device of my very own! I'll have to strap my leg into this thing three times a day, two hours at a time, in order to get my new knee to bend. Oh goodie.

But wait, there's more!

aka Terri
Oh boy! I get a walker too! And a contraption to sit over my real toilet so I don't get stuck. Way to make me feel 1,000 years old!

Protection at all costs!

aka Terri
I'm wearing a knee brace right now. Not for the support, but to protect the skin from any accidental cuts or scraps. Apparently my doctor will not operate if there's even a teeny, tiny little scrap in case of infection. I just want to get it over with now, so knee brace it is!

So anywaaaay

So anyway, I guess this is the first step to becoming the Bionic Woman. I'm going to be very disappointed if my new knee doesn't make that cool gee-gee-gee sound that Jaime Summers knees made!

Please send good vibes and happy thoughts my way!