Thursday, June 19, 2014

Coca-Cola Zero Mini-Cans

Coca-Cola Zero Mini-Can - akaTerri
Coca-Cola Zero Mini-Cans (8 Count, 7.5 Fl Oz Each)

Received an 8pk of Coca-Cola Zero mini-cans from Amazon Vine for review. I prefer Cherry Coke, but was curious to try regular Coke Zero.

The 8pk came with two loose cans. Not sure how they got out of the plastic yoke, but none of the cans were dented so no harm done.

I was concerned that the mini-cans would not be large enough for an adult, but it turned out fine. The cans are one serving and fit perfectly in a normal beverage glass. It's also perfect for making a rum & coke, as it's just the right size.

Final verdict:  I enjoyed the taste of Coke Zero, but still prefer Cherry Coke. The size surprised me by being a perfect size! My local grocery store doesn't carry these mini-cans, but so long as they didn't charge more for them, I'd buy it!