Saturday, May 31, 2014

Wantable $1 Accessories Box

Wantable is a subscription box company that offers makeup, jewelry, and intimate apparel options. When you sign up for a subscription, there is a detailed quiz so that they can better match products to your unique preferences. They recently had a special promotion where you could try their service for only one dollar! I've been wanting to try the accessories box again, so couldn't resist signing up!

Wantable $1 Accessories Box - akaTerriWantable $1 Accessories Box - akaTerri
It's here! I made sure to be very specific with my quiz this time around since I was disappointed with my last box. I disliked almost everything except scarves and earrings, so that's what I received!

Wantable $1 Accessories Box - akaTerri
Scarves and earrings! Love them!

Imogen and Hillary earrings - akaTerri
Imogen and Hillary earrings. I usually wear dangling earrings, but was afraid I'd get some heavy, monster earrings so said I loved studs. These aren't bad, and I'm sure I'll wear them sooner or later. I prefer the second set to the plain black ones, but they're both nice.

Tatiana infinity scarf - akaTerri
Tatiana infinity scarf.
A gorgeous coral chevron print that's perfect for summer! I've never worn an infinity scarf before, but am sure I'll figure it out.

Zuzu infinity scarf - akaTerriZuzu infinity scarf - akaTerri
Zuzu infinity scarf - akaTerri
Zuzu infinity scarf.
It was hard to get a decent picture of this scarf, as it's a lovely black scarf with a lacy beige lining. Or vice versa. Trust me, it's much prettier in person!

Was seriously considering keeping this subscription as I'm happy with all of my items, but $36 is a little expensive for scarves and earrings IMO. Will keep an eye out for another promo, as this was my favorite Wantable box!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mail Call 5/17/14

mail call

Having signed up for so many samples and entered so many contests, decided that I needed a place to share the goodies that have started coming in the mail!

Love Cheerios, so curious about their Dark Chocolate Crunch flavor. Not sure about chocolate cereal for breakfast, but who knows, I might love it!

Target gift card
Signed up for an ebates account and received a $10 Target gift card as a bonus!

Seattle's Best Coffee
Requested a Seattle's Best Coffee sample for DH.

 photo candle007.jpg
Won a Facebook contest for a 3-8-1 candle! Love the candle, but annoyed that I had to email them about my prize several times. Took them over a month to finally mail it to me, after several promises about shipping it asap. 

 photo vit006.jpg
I love gummie vitamins!

Not a bad week for samples! I don't get as many as dedicated samplers, but happy with the ones I receive as they're all things we'll actually try.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

PopSugar Must Have Box - May 2014

The PopSugar Must Have box is a crowd favorite, but the boxes have been hit or miss for me. While I absolutely loved last month's box, this month was a big disappointment and I cancelled my subscription. Again. Since they raised the price to $39.95 a month, it just isn't worth it for me, even with discounts.

PopSugar May 2014
First look

PopSugar May 2014PopSugar May 2014
May goodies

Must Have Food:
Hi I'm Skinny Sticks
Hi I'm Skinny Sticks in Multi-grain Sweet Onion
These are surprisingly tasty! Not too onion-y and more substantial than expected. Thought they would be airy like cheese puffs, but they're much better! And at only 4 calories per stick, I can see buying these again!

Must Have Home:
Zing Anything Citrus Zinger
Zing Anything Citrus Zinger
I received a water bottle just like this in another box, so will be adding this to my trade board.

Must Have Fitness:
Tone It Up One Day Fat Blast
Tone It Up One Day Fat Blast
Not a big fan of workout DVDs, so will probably put this on my trade board.

Must Have Beauty:
Pool Boy Nail Lacquer
Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pool Boy Nail Lacquer
This is a fun color for summer, and I love the name! I have a few other blues this shade, but I'm curious about this brand so will give it a try.

Must Have Home:
Kerry Cassill Eye Mask
Kerry Cassill Eye Mask
This is a nice, padded eye mask, but I don't use sleep masks so will try to find it a good home.

Must Have Beauty:
Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser
Smell Bent St. Tropez Dispenser
I like the scent, but DH hates it enough that I need to trade it for something else. Never a good sign when he walks into the room and asks what stinks! 

PopSugar keeps disappointing me, so finally going to throw in the towel and admit that we're just not meant to be.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Glossybox - April 2014

Glossybox is a monthly subscription service that is available by the month ($21), or you can sign up for 3,6,or 12 month plans. Once you select a plan, you fill out your beauty profile, sit back and wait for your box filled with 5-6 luxury-sized samples! A little pricey for my tastes, but I took advantage of a great deal for the April box. They always seem to ship late, but this one didn't show up until May! I cancelled after this box, as I wasn't impressed.

April GlossyboxApril Glossybox
One thing that Glossybox has going for it is their awesome boxes! I love their boxes and always save them for gift giving. Also like that the items are wrapped in pretty tissue paper and tied up with a pink bow. Like a little gift!

info card
info card

April Glossybox
April goodies

Aqua Spa Relax body creme
Aqua Spa Relax body creme in lavender and chamomile.

LASplash eyeshadow sealer/base
LASplash eyeshadow sealer/base.

Bellapierre Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink
Bellapierre Super Gloss in Vanilla Pink.

Twinset and Pearls nail polish
Ciate London paint pot. Twinset and Pearls nail polish.

Caldrea body wash
Caldrea body wash.

Glossybox is hit or miss for me, and this month was a miss. I have a ton of body creams and washes already, don't like lip gloss, and don't have need of an eyeshadow sealer. Not a big fan of the nail polish either, but don't have a decent white in my collection so will give it a try. If anyone out there is a fan of Glossybox, can you let me into the secret? Because I'm just not impressed.

Julep Teri nail polish

 photo Teri020.jpg
Two coats of Julep's Teri nail polish, a coral pink creme.
I don't usually like pinks, but had to get this one as it's the closest they have to my name.
Think it's more coral than pink and I like it!

 photo Teri021.jpg

Thursday, May 8, 2014

My Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday!

Chocolate cake
DH bought me a lovely cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate icing, my favorite!

birthday flowers
While checking out, he impulsively decided to pick up some flowers too. Daisies are my favorite flowers, and I love the unusual colors!

Jeri Smith-ReadyJeri Smith-Ready
The first birthday card I received was from Jeri Smith-Ready, one of my favorite authors! Had no idea that she would send her Team Jeri members a card, and was so excited to receive it. Thinking the picture would make an awesome tattoo!

card card
One of the things I love about DH is his sense of humor, so this card was perfect!

"Obey the Whippet" journal
I collect blank journals, so love this "Obey the Whippet" journal! Waffles is part whippet, and she definitely wants us to obey her. *L*

whippet of mass destruction
Need to get this poster framed, as she's totally a whippet of mass destruction!

We went out for a nice birthday dinner and had an all-round lovely day. Wish birthdays came more than once a year!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Julep Sheryl nail polish

Sheryl nail polish
Two coats of Sheryl nail polish by Julep.
It was very thick and goopy, even though it was brand new and I removed the seal before applying. After only one manicure, it's already down to the P on the bottle. Took way too much polish and didn't apply smoothly, so not happy with this polish. This is the first Julep I've had behave this way, so not sure what happened.
Sheryl nail polish