Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The obligatory New Year's Resolution post - I laughed at my own New Year's resoloutions.

Every year, I make resolutions. 

And every year, I break them.

While I always have good intentions and start off well, well, life gets in the way and they wind up being pushed to the side. I think I really need to buckle down and make a commitment of sticking to them this year. 

So without any further ado, here are my revised resolutions for 2014:

Learn to knit
I have the books. I have the supplies. I even have a kit for beginners. Now I just need to finally get off my butt and learn already! I love the idea of creating something handmade.

Along the same line, I need to stop pinning and start doing. Be it recipes, decorating, or crafts, I want to actually attempt something I've pinned.

My Knee
I can't avoid the fact that I'm going to need to need a knee operation this year. We've had to turn down fantastic invitations because I'm simply not as ambulant as I should be. My life has dwindled, so I need to start preparing for surgery, both mentally and physically.

I really, really want to get a second dog. Waffles gets so excited when she sees other dogs that I think she scares the other owners a little. She's like a puppy and just wants to play so badly, but the only dog I could find to visit is a little too aggressive. We've had two dogs in the past and loved it, so think it would help all three of us to add another to our "pack."

I'd also like to start volunteering at an animal shelter, but that will have to wait until after surgery. I'd really like to foster dogs to get them out of their cages, but DH drew the line at that. I think he's afraid that I'd wind up falling in love with them all and not want to let them go! *L*

This is one that I've always had trouble just doesn't seem to agree with me. I need to organize my pantry, my nail polish, my reviews, my schedule, etc. I've tried making lists, then I lose the list. I tried writing done daily goals, then wound up adding more than I ever crossed off. I just need to organize the disorganization around me!

Fingers crossed that this will be my year!