Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Consignment Shop Finds (7) - I hope my ancient ancestors would be proud of my bargain hunting and gathering skills.

There have been a few items that I've been keeping an eye out for during our consignment shop visits, and a glass fish was one of them. I've seen them in regular shops, but they're a little too expensive for my taste so was hoping to find one in a thrift store. Have come across a couple over the past few months, but they were almost as expensive as brand new ones! 

 photo fish014.jpg

Was very happy when I spotted this one the other day! Very reasonable price, so I snatched it up before anyone could beat me to it!

 photo fish013.jpg

While I had hoped to find a multi-colored fish, red is one of my favorite colors so I'm quite pleased with my latest find. It's a fun item and very beachy. Love it!