Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Our new furbaby


After settling into our new home, we decided that the time was right to add to our little family. We've been talking about adopting a dog for years, so the search was on!

After several visits to area shelters with no luck, we decided to try a shelter in the next town over (about 40 minutes away). This place was huge! We needed a guide, as the animals were in several different buildings. Building after building, we saw so many gorgeous dogs! Unfortunately, none of them was "The One." 

In the last building, in the last room, our guide opened the back door and several dogs ran in! It was like puppypalooza! I sat down in the nearest chair and let the puppy love wash over me. Best. Time. Ever. 

Most of the dogs/puppies ran around like crazy, going from person to person, but one little girl propped herself up on my leg and didn't let go. The other dogs calmed down and went back outside, but she didn't get down. Such a sweetie, and I think we could have powered a generator with the energy from her wagging tale!

Took her for a walk outside and she was a dream on the leash! There were cats wandering around outside and she didn't bat an eye. One of the cats went on our walk with us, but it didn't bother our new friend at all. Impressive!

She wasn't a barker, could walk on a leash, and had no problem with cats. Almost all of the items on our checklist, plus she chose us! The only negative was that she was a tiny (for us) dog. We thought she was a puppy but no, they thought that she was about a year and a half old. We like larger dogs like golden retrievers and collies, so went home to think about it.

Couldn't get her out of our minds, so decided to go back for a second visit a week later. Did another walk-through, but no one else was calling our name. She was in a cage this time, and seemed excited to see us. Or maybe she just wanted out of the cage? Either way, she was happy to be out!

A bit more rambunctious this time, she soon calmed down during our walk. To make a long story short (too late!), she came home with us and is now a member of the family! She's a whippet/jack russell mix with maybe a dash of something else. Pretty sure she's also part cat, as she sure does sleep a lot! ;)


We named her Waffles. Long story....

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  1. She looks adorable! And I love that you searched through shelters, dogs deserve a second chance!