Monday, August 5, 2013

Butter London 'Backstage Basics' Set (Nordstrom Exclusive)

Nordstrom recently had their annual Anniversary Sale. I have to admit that I haven't shopped at a Nordstroms in years, either in person or online. I normally wouldn't have even looked at the sale, but saw that they had an exclusive Butter London box set. Butter London is my new love, so I couldn't resist!

Butter London Backstage Basics

For Nordstrom's anniversary sale, Butter London put together a special edition of their Backstage Basics set, with a free bottle of Thames polish! You can see in the above picture that they stuck a sticker and anniversary wrap around their normal Backstage Basics box.

Butter London Backstage Basics

Inside the box is the free bottle of Thames. In stores, you were supposed to pick out the color of your choice and this would be included in the $39 price. So far as I can tell, the only way they could do this online was to make the Backstage Basics set $24, having you add the color of your choice to your cart for a total of $39. I guess I "cheated" by not adding the extra bottle of polish to my cart, but this set was all I wanted.

Butter London Backstage Basics

Set includes: 
- Nail Foundation Flawless Base Coat (0.6 oz.)
- Hardwear P.D. Quick Top Coat (0.6 oz.)
- Powder Room Acetone-Free Lacquer Remover (2 oz.)
- Curved nail file
- Complimentary emerald-green Thames Nail Lacquer (0.4 oz.)

I've been wanting to try Butter London's base and top coats, so couldn't resist ordering this set! Very pleased with the free polish as well, and thrilled with the $24 price!