Friday, August 9, 2013

Bondi August Mystery Box

Launched in 2013, Bondi New York started a new monthly subscription service. The first box is a mystery, but we'll be able to see future boxes starting with the September box. Supposedly, we'll also have the option to skip, which is awesome! At only $19.99 for the monthly box, I think it will give Julep a run for their money!

Bondi nail polishBondi nail polish
First look at my August mystery box! Very well packed, and I liked that they put a big "Fragile" sticker on the box!

Bondi August mystery box
August goodies

Bondi Teal Magnolia
Teal Magnolia is a bright teal shade, and looks more blue than green to my eye.

Bondi Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock is a monochrome grey, and reminds me of concrete.

Bondi Botanical Beauty
Botanical Beauty, which is described as a luscious lilac but looks more like pink cotton candy to me.

Suki balancing toner
Suki concentrated balancing toner. I've never heard of Suki before, but apparently it's a popular brand that's gaining a big following.

Unfortunately, I didn't really care for anything in this box. I know that it's a risk whenever you order a mystery box, but I had really high hopes. Especially when I saw what other people received! Luckily, a Facebook swap group popped up and I was able to trade most of my items. Really looking forward to my swaps, as I've heard nothing but awesome raves about this company!

Did you take a chance on the August mystery box? If so, were you pleased or disappointed?