Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mail Call (5)

mail call

Having signed up for so many samples and entered so many contests, decided that I needed a place to share the goodies that have started coming in the mail. I love getting mail!

Suave Moroccan shampoo & conditioner
Suave Moroccan Infusion shampoo and conditioner.

Finish dishwashing tabs and coupon. Is it just me, or does this look like a smiley face?

Schick Hydro razor
Schick Hydro Silk disposible razor and coupon.

Not a bad mail week, and very pleased with the size of the samples I received this week!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bondi New York Fool's nail polish

Bondi New York is a new nail polish subscription where you receive three polishes and a beauty surprise every month. A monthly subscription is only $19.99, and they also offer 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions at a discounted price.

Bondi Fool's
Two coats of Bondi Fool's.

Bondi Fool's is one of the colors I traded for last month and the first Bondi I've tried. Very pleased with the coverage, as one coat was enough. I like full coverage, so went ahead and applied a second coat for a richer color. One finger chipped after three days, which is a record for me!

Very happy with my first Bondi experience!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ipsy August Bag

Ipsy is a beauty subscription box where you receive a beautiful Glam Bag full of deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products every month. Getting a different makeup bag every month seems to be popular with subscribers, but I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with all these different bags. It's only $10 a month, so overall I think it's a good deal.

Ipsy August Bag
My August bag! 

MicaBeauty eye shadow
MicaBeauty loose eye shadow in Bronze. MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadows are extremely gentle, free of preservatives, chemicals, dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers. With this unique formula, the eyeshadows will look ultra smooth and stay put for hours without creasing or pulling the delicate eye area. Can be mixed with clear lip-gloss, clear mascara, and clear nail polish to add pigment to lips, eyelashes and nails!

Chella eyebrow pencil
Chella Dazzling Dark Brown Eyebrow pencil. This European-designed mechanical pencil has a creamy consistency that glides into place creating a beautiful, fuller looking brow. The fine tip allows you to create hair-like strokes and can also be lightly smudged for a more natural look.

Michael Todd facial scrub
Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub. The Jojoba Charcoal Gentle Exfoliating Facial Scrub is formulated using the powers of Jojoba Wax Beads and Activated Charcoal. This mask effectively removes dead skin, impurities and toxins, but is gentle enough for sensitive and acne prone skin types. Jojoba Wax Beads provide gentle exfoliation without leaving microlacerations on delicate skin. Highly absorbent Activated Charcoal penetrates deeply into pores to draw out impurities and toxins. Also refines texture and encourages skin renewal, leaving skin smooth and refreshed.

Noya lip balm
Noya natural lip balm in vanilla. The noya Lip Balm is a lightweight, all-natural formula that moisturizes, smooths, softens your lips and packs a full punch of flavor. And because it’s natural, you can lick your lips as much as you want - and trust us, you’ll want to often.

Pixi mascara
Pixi Beauty Lash Booster Mascara in Blackest Black. This unique mascara truly boosts your lashes, giving them a "push-up" effect that lasts all day. The dense, rich formula coats lashes with maximum pigment, for long-lasting full color and the cone-shaped brush coats each lash evenly. Long lasting, smudge-free and waterproof.

I like Ipsy as it introduces me to items I might never try on my own, but it also sends me items I know I'll never try. I've never used loose eye shadow before so might give that one a try, but I know I don't like black mascara or eyebrow pencils, so those are going onto my swap board. I have enough lip balm to last me the rest of my life, so will probably give that one away. As for the facial scrub, I think I'll give it a try. 

Nothing really wowed me this month and with only 2 out of 5 items that I'll even consider trying, think I'm going to finally bite the bullet and cancel my subscription. Of course next month will probably be an amazing bag and I'll regret it! Ha!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Barielle Positive ZEN-ergy

Barielle is one of my new favorite nail polishes, so I ordered several colors during one of their sales. I never could resist a good sale. :)

Barielle Positive ZEN-ergy

I don't have many greens and since this one didn't seem too garish, I decided to give it a shot. This took three coats for full coverage, but I'm pleased with the results. Sort of a moss green, I like that it's subtle and not too greeny-green. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mail Call (4)

mail call

Having signed up for so many samples and entered so many contests, decided that I needed a place to share the goodies that have started coming in the mail!

Uberliss Hydrating shampoo, conditioner, and Straight Effect Rituoil. Überliss is a premium 3-step smoothing system which guarantees immediate and superior results, made by those who most understand hair straightening in the world. Smooth and uniform hair via Überliss’ exclusive Triple Blend technology consisting of cisteine, keratine and buriti extracts. (Uberliss website)

Purina Dog Chow
Our second sample of dog food! Purina Dog Chow light & healthy. Hey, a girl has to watch her figure, right? :)

U by Kotex
U by Kotex tampons. Great new product for the ladies!

Bondi Uptown Girl
Unhappy with the colors I received in my Bondi mystery box, I traded Top of the Rock for Uptown Girl. Love my Facebook swap groups!

Bondi Fools
Trade #2:  Traded Teal Magnolia for Fools. Tahlia was nice enough to include a sample towelette and a cute thank you card!

Bondi NYPD and City Slicker
Trade #3 was my Suki toner for Bondi NYPD and City Slicker polish. The bottle of NYPD was chipped on the bottom, but I put some packing tape on it and now it's fine. Very happy with all of my trades!

Can't wait to see what shows up in my mailbox next!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

August Birchbox

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription where you receive a mix of beauty products (samples and full size). At only $10 per month, it's a great deal! 

I love how Birchbox is always a box within a box. And they're good, sturdy boxes too! This month's theme is "Finishing School", and this month they are collaborating with Ann Taylor on a guide to fall's best accessory trends.

First looks!

August Birchbox
My August box

Tan Towel
My Beauty Extra this month is a Tan Towel. A streak-free self-tanning wipe for fair to medium tans. It also exfoliates and moisturizes. Surprisingly, this is not the first tanning wipe I've received in a beauty box. Not so surprisingly, I won't use it so will put it on my swap board.

Juice Beauty moisturizer
Juice Beauty oil-free moisturizer. Oil-free lotion hydrates oily and blemish-prone skin with natural antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. I think I have enough moisturizers to last me a lifetime, so this may go on my swap board as well. At 0.5 fl oz, it's a nice size for a sample.

Stila liquid lipstick
Stila Stay All Day liquid lipstick. Longlasting liquid lipstick in a wearable red that glides on like a gloss but stays put like a stain. I love lipsticks and stains, so this one is a keeper!

Fresh Feet wipes
Fresh Feet Wipes by Jasmine Seven. Alcohol-free towelettes that cleanse and soften with vitamin E, peppermint, and aloe. Have never tried foot wipes and it seems like an odd choice to include in a beauty box, but sure could have used this back when I was a cashier!

eye shadow
Coastal Scents eye shadow. Four complimentary shades that can be worn alone or layered for a smoky look. These are tiny samples, but I haven't opened it yet so not sure yet about the pigmentation. Pretty colors, so I may keep this one for myself.

There was also a postcard-like collection with the promised Ann Taylor guide to trends. With a coupon for Ann Taylor items as well! Not a bad deal if you like Ann Taylor.

Did you receive Birchbox this month? If so, what did you get and, more importantly, did you like it? I haven't been thrilled with my boxes lately, but keep hoping that the next box will be The One. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Mail Call (3)

mail call

Having signed up for so many samples and entered so many contests, decided that I needed a place to share the goodies that have started coming in the mail!

Unbirthday swap goodiesnecklace
I'm part of an Un-Birthday group on Facebook, that started out as a birthday swap but turned into a 3 month swap. It's my turn this month, and here's my first package! This isn't a good picture of the necklace, as it's absolutely gorgeous! It has a clear dome over the colored base, and I totally love it!

Also love the two polishes she sent:  Sprung by OPI and Rain Forest by Revlon Colorstay. Sprung is part of OPI's Mariah Carey collection, and is a gorgeous coppery shimmer. Rain Forest is a dark, shimmering green that looks like a great winter color! Thank you Maggie!

Purina One sample
We knew that we wanted to adopt a dog, so I started signing up for dog-related samples. A sample of Purina One dog food is Waffles first mail! She hasn't tried it yet, but I'm sure she'll love it!

Fiber One lemon bar
Fiber One 90 Calorie Lemon Bar

perfume samplesperfume samples
Love perfume, so love to receive samples! Viva la Juicy Noir, Acqua di Gioia, Uomo, and Me.

Can't wait to see what the mailman brings next!

Julep Golden Mystery Box

Julep is a monthly subscription service whose main focus is nail polish. You take a style quiz in order to best match your preferences, then receive a box of nail polish every month. Some profiles are polish only and some have beauty items such as skin care or make-up. The subscription is $19.99 per month, but there is usually a code floating around to get your first box free (just pay shipping).

I have a weakness for mystery boxes and can't seem to resist ordering them. Despite being disappointed time and time again, I ordered the Golden Mystery Box. Was going to skip this one, but there was a 30% discount code which brought the price down to $20.99, so couldn't resist!

First look at my Golden Box!

Golden Box goodies!

Julep Golden Mystery Box
The bonus item in the box was taffy. It was good, but not sure what it was doing in a nail polish box.

Julep Golden Mystery Box
Hair ties. Have no use for these, so they'll go on my swap board.

Julep Golden Mystery Box
Julep Oxygen Treatment. Haven't tried this yet, but have heard some good things about it.

Julep Golden Mystery Box
Julep Everyday SPF 30 Hand Cream. I have no need for more hand cream, so this will be up for swap as well.

Julep Golden Mystery Box
Coco, Alfre, January, and Fina.

Not a terrible box, but I have no use for the hair ties or hand cream, and not really thrilled with the nail polish received. I've had Alfre on my wishlist for awhile, but don't like January. Coco is a bit dark for me, and I have mixed feelings about Fina. Unless they drop the price, this will be my last mystery box.

Did you subscribe to Julep? What do you think of their mystery boxes? I love the idea of getting surprises, but keep being disappointed with what I receive. Part of that is probably box envy, as other people seem to get awesome boxes! :(

Friday, August 9, 2013

Bondi August Mystery Box

Launched in 2013, Bondi New York started a new monthly subscription service. The first box is a mystery, but we'll be able to see future boxes starting with the September box. Supposedly, we'll also have the option to skip, which is awesome! At only $19.99 for the monthly box, I think it will give Julep a run for their money!

Bondi nail polishBondi nail polish
First look at my August mystery box! Very well packed, and I liked that they put a big "Fragile" sticker on the box!

Bondi August mystery box
August goodies

Bondi Teal Magnolia
Teal Magnolia is a bright teal shade, and looks more blue than green to my eye.

Bondi Top of the Rock
Top of the Rock is a monochrome grey, and reminds me of concrete.

Bondi Botanical Beauty
Botanical Beauty, which is described as a luscious lilac but looks more like pink cotton candy to me.

Suki balancing toner
Suki concentrated balancing toner. I've never heard of Suki before, but apparently it's a popular brand that's gaining a big following.

Unfortunately, I didn't really care for anything in this box. I know that it's a risk whenever you order a mystery box, but I had really high hopes. Especially when I saw what other people received! Luckily, a Facebook swap group popped up and I was able to trade most of my items. Really looking forward to my swaps, as I've heard nothing but awesome raves about this company!

Did you take a chance on the August mystery box? If so, were you pleased or disappointed?