Friday, July 19, 2013

Treatsie - July box


Was a little surprised to receive my Treatsie box inside of a regular flat rate envelope, but the box was inside an insulated envelope with a coldpack. No chocolate this month because of the heat, so was a little disappointed.  

First look at July's goodies! Nothing was melted, but the caramels and taffy were a little soft when first unpacked. They were fine after about an hour in air conditioning.

AvenueSweets Caramel
AvenueSweets Caramel in butter rum and sea salt. Was disappointed in the butter rum flavor as the rum was too strong, and the caramel wasn't as creamy as expected. The sea salt flavor was much better, and creamier to boot.

AvenueSweets Almond Nougat
AvenueSweets Almond Nougat. This one surprised me, as I was initially put off by its looks. A sweet candy with almond slivers, I enjoyed this much more than expected!

Mehlenbacher taffy
Mehlenbacher's taffy in vanilla bean and watermelon. The taffy was a really nice size, about the size of a cigar. It was the perfect consistency, but I thought that the flavor was too subtle.

Brooklyn Hard Candy
Brooklyn Hard Candy in key lime. Love the jar and look of the candy, but I prefer a stronger flavor in hard candy. Again, too subtle for me.

While I like the premise behind Treatsie, I decided to cancel my subscription. My first box was awesome, didn't like box #2, and this one was just okay for me. At $15 per month, it's a little too expensive for me to not love it every month. Will stick to Goodies for now.

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  1. I agree with you...Number one, where's the chocolate. Number two where's the flavor? I had the hard candies yesterday, and thought they were blah. I just ate the watermelon taffy, and you could barely taste taste the flavor! I did like the caramels & nougat though.
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