Saturday, June 8, 2013

Wantable Jewelry Box - April

Wantable is a subscription box company that offers both makeup and jewelry options. When you first sign up, you take a detailed quiz so that they can better match products to your unique preferences. This is one of the most expensive subscription boxes I've signed up for at $36 per month ($40 for a single box), so I skipped June's boxes in order to try out a few other subscriptions.

This is technically the jewelry box from April. I received an email offering a free bonus item if I ordered a subscription, so I placed my order at the end of April. There was some confusion on my part as I thought I'd be getting the May selections, but I received April. I've been waiting for two replacements, but decided to go ahead and post what I received as there don't seem to be many reviews out there for their jewelry box.

aka Terriaka Terri
I really like the boxes they use, as they're nice and sturdy. And I love the little Thank You card they include! The items are wrapped in bubble wrap, then wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with a Wantable sticker. Love the attention to detail! Heard that they used to pack the items in velvet bags, but I've only gotten the tissue paper. Still, it's like opening a gift, so I'm happy!

aka Terri
The first item I saw was this Coco Ring. I'm starting to wear statement rings, but this one just doesn't appeal to me. I like the maroon color, but the sparkle just doesn't do it for me. Disappointed.

aka Terriaka Terri
The next piece I saw were these Serpentine Drop Earrings. Very cool, but very large. I can't wear large earrings, and was disappointed to see these in my box as I had marked that down on the quiz. Beginning to worry that the jewelry box wasn't going to be as personalized as the makeup box.

aka Terriaka Terri
The Free Form Hoop Earrings were next. My first reaction was meh, but they're lightweight and I don't have anything like them, so decided to give them a chance.

aka Terriaka Terri
The last item I unwrapped was this Ozzy Chain Bracelet. It's very rock and roll, but I don't like leather jewelry and had put this on my quiz. Disappointed yet again.

So my overall reaction to this box was meh. I received two items that were on my Don't Want list, and wasn't thrilled with the other two pieces. Was going to send the whole thing back, but decided to give customer service a chance to make things right.

I was not impressed with their response, which was that they didn't do exchanges so I had to send the entire box back for a refund. Fine by me, but first I vented my frustration online. Received a response from one of their managers asking me to email her directly, and she was nice enough to apologize for the confusion and offered to handpick replacements for the bracelet and snake earrings.

Debated whether I should just go ahead and return the entire box, or send in the two items for replacement. Decided to take a chance and see what she would pick out for me. I'm still waiting on my replacements, but have high hopes as I've really liked the other jewelry I've been able to find online. Fingers crossed I'm not disappointed again!


  1. I really, really like those snake earrings! I probably would never wear them though because they look way too big. Still very cute though.

  2. If they had been even half that size, I would have loved them! They were very cool, just very large. *L*