Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Starlooks Box + Birthday Surprise!

As listed on their website, Starlooks Starbox is a monthly subscription service that provides you with the opportunity to try the entire Starlooks, Pro-Quality Makeup Line at an exclusive, discounted price!  A subscription costs $15 per month, plus $2.68 shipping. I've heard nothing but good things about this company, so decided to give it a try (even though they didn't have free shipping).

Starlooks Starbox
Really like the box, with such a fun, bold design!

Starlooks StarboxStarlooks Starbox
First look. 
According to the info card, May was a "mixed" month with neutral and bold colors suitable for all skin tones. Love the tissue paper!

Starlooks Starbox
May goodies!

Starlooks Starbox
Pigment luster in Cinnamon Toss. I've never used loose eye shadow before. This one says it's highly pigmented, and I'm not really sure what that means? A little goes a long way? A little scary....

Starlooks Starbox
Cream Blush in Emphasize. I'm not big on cream blush as I usually use powder. I was traumatized as a child by women with poorly applied rouge, so am hesitant to use creams. The info card says it can also be used as an eye shadow, so maybe I'll try that.

Starlooks Starbox
Eyebrow Shader Compact in BS443. The info card claims that this compact includes every shade necessary to fill and sculpt the perfect brow for any hair color. As someone who doesn't even think of her brows, much less fill and sculpt them, I might try this as an eye shadow instead.

Starlooks Starbox
This mini emery board was the bonus item in the box. Too cute!

Starlooks Starbox
At first, I thought this was a random piece of plastic that somehow made its way into the box, as it was at the bottom underneath the tissue paper. But the info card mentioned a crystal that's put into every box, so guess this is it? Strange....

Birthday boxBirthday box
This was a nice surprise - Starlooks sends out a special bonus box for your birthday!

Birthday boxbirthday box
 It came with a little birthday card, lip pencil, lip gloss, and lipstick. 

The bonus birthday box was really nice, so I feel a little bad that I cancelled my subscription. Despite all of the awesome reviews I've read online, there wasn't anything in the box that I really liked. Most of the other boxes I've tried have had at least one item I liked, but not this one. For the money, I'm not comfortable giving it another month.

Are you a Starlooks subscriber? What is it exactly that you guys love so much? I'm just not seeing it.

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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about Starlooks and this box looks awesome! You were right about the eye shadow being highly pigmented. A little bit goes a long way so you won't have to use much to get a good coverage!I've never even seen cream blush before. I have a feeling that I wouldn't like it too much either.