Saturday, June 15, 2013

Little Black Bag - May box #2

Little Black Bag is a subscription service with a twist: after you place your order, you can trade items with other customers. Trading isn't as much fun as it used to be and I was going to cancel my account, but then I saw that Wrapp had a $10 LBB gift card available! It was for new customers only, so I set up a second account with one of my other email addresses. Only cost me $10, so worth it!

Little Black BagLittle Black Bag
Such a big box for only three small items. I'll never understand shipping departments!

Little Black Bag
Red Crescent Drop Earrings by Rain. These are larger than expected and I'm not sure how I feel about them yet. Took them in a trade for something I didn't like, but may try to trade them for something else on Facebook.

Little Black Bag
Carol Dauplaise Pave Starfish Ring. This is the ring I really, really wanted! I knew it was large from unboxing videos, but the heart wants what it wants. Think it's a great ring for the summer and I've worn it several times already!

Little Black Bag
Was trying to get another Pixi lip blush, but had to settle for this liner/lipstick hybrid. It's not bad, but I wish I could have snagged another lip blush instead.

Am happy with this bag as it only cost $10 and change, and I managed to snag the ring I'd been drooling over! The lipstick and earrings aren't bad, but the ring was my prize! Are you a LBB customer? Are you going to cancel your account or are you still hanging in there? Is trading annoying you as much as it annoys me? Plus, most of the items aren't as appealing to me as they used to be. Either their quality has gone down or I'm just getting tired of them....

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  1. I really like that ring! The earrings aren't really my style either though.