Friday, May 10, 2013

Love With Food - May Box

Love With Food* is a monthly subscription service which delivers gourmet foods directly to your home, some sample sized and some full sized. A nice plus is that for every order, they donate a meal to a hungry child! How great is that? You get to try great new foods, and help feed the hungry to boot!

First look! The info card is for Mother's Day and has a cute picture of a mom with her two children in bed. Guess they gave her a Love With Food box for Mother's Day!

My goodies!

Tomato crunch from Snapz Crisps and Pumpkin Crunch snacks from Mrs. May's. I don't care for tomatoes, so will be giving them to DH to try, but I do like the sound of the pumpkin snack!

Caffe Borsa single serve hand-dripped coffee and a vegan sweet potato wellness cookie. Pass and pass, as I don't drink coffee and don't like sweet potatoes.

Almond biscotti from Biscotti Bari and strawberry preserves from Bonne Maman. Not a coffee drinker so have never tried biscotti, but maybe I'll try it with some hot chocolate or tea? I've gotten the preserves before and while good, I couldn't tell the difference between this and other brands.

Latte Candy from Bali's Best and original cajun seasoning from Slap You Mama. Pass and pass, as I don't like anything coffee flavored or spicy.

I actually liked last month's box better, as this month had too many items I won't even try. While it's always good to try new things, I know I don't like tomatoes, coffee, or cajun spices. Decided to cancel this one and keep Goodies for now. But will probably resubscribe if they ever have another awesome curator like Andrew Zimmern! Did you get May's box? What did you think?

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