Saturday, May 4, 2013

Color Me Monthly - April

Color Me Monthly is a subscription service where you receive a bottle of nail polish every month, delivered straight to your door. The color is a surprise, but will be in-season and in-style. I love nail polish, so couldn't resist signing up for this one!
The polish came in a plain brown box. I liked how they wrote that you shouldn't have to pay for fancy shipping on the inside of the box cover. I do enjoy the extra package touches like pretty tissue paper and ribbon, but don't want to have to pay for them.

aka Terri
Clear Skies Ahead
April's color is Clear Skies Ahead, a pretty sky blue for Spring. The polish was in a small plastic bag, which makes sense as you don't want polish all over everything in case the bottle somehow breaks. It was pretty well cushioned in the box, but better safe than sorry!
I received a bottle of top coat in the box as well as the regular polish. When I hadn't received my box by the second week of the month, I emailed them to see if there was a problem (their FAQs said boxes go out the first week of the month). Received a prompt reply that there was an unexpected delay at the lab, but the shipments should go out soon. She was nice enough to throw in the top coat for the inconvenience.

aka Terri
please ignore the sloppy manicure
The first coat went on thin and streaky, but I got better coverage with the second coat. I really don't like having to use three or more coats, so tend to stop after two. While not normally a fan of blue polish, this is a fun Spring shade that grew on me. 

Ultimately, I decided that this subscription box wasn't for me. While the polish was okay, I didn't like that there was no email about the original delay. I was also expecting a shipping email, but the only communication I received was in response to my email. I understand that they don't use tracking to try and keep costs down, but a simple email to say the polish is on it's way would be nice! I'm going to stick with Julep to feed my nail polish habit for now. 

Anyone know of any other nail polish subscription services out there? Are you a Color Me Monthly subscriber? What do you think of their polish? How about their lack of communication? Am I being too harsh, or reasonable about wanting a simple Heads Up email? I think that Wantable has spoiled me!

*links for Julep and Wantable are referral links, which give me rewards if you sign up for a box. I appreciate any and all referrals!* 

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  1. This post just reminded me of another nail polish box I heard of a while back I can't remember what the name was, but I will see if I can hunt it down because it sounded pretty cool. It is a smaller subscription where they create a custom color for you each month - maybe you've heard of it?