Friday, May 31, 2013

May Goodies Box

Goodies is a monthly subscription box that lets you try new snacks and food for the low price of only $7 a month! This is one of my favorite subscriptions, as I've already been introduces to so many new-to-me items! 

I received Taster's Box # 4 this month.

This month's goodies

aka Terri
Zico coconut water, made from hand-harvested Thai coconuts. Coconut water seems to be popping up everywhere lately, but we both thought it was nasty and threw the rest of it out. I'm usually open to trying things and like coconut, but this? No.

aka Terri
White bean chips in nacho cheese, these tasted better than expected. Sort of like SunChips or tortillas. A unique taste, but doubt I'd buy them again because of the underlying taste of beans.

aka Terri
Sour gummy straws by Dorval Trading, one package assorted flavors and one strawberry. These tasted like regular sour gummy candy. Not really straws, as I tried to blow air through one. Good if you like sour gummy candy!

aka Terri
Two sample packs of California Olive Ranch olive oil. Haven't tried these yet, but olive oil is olive oil so far as I'm concerned.

aka Terri
Kathie's Kitchen pumpkin seeds in sea salt. Haven't tried these yet, but I like salt and I like pumpkin seeds, so this should be a win!

aka Terri
Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce by Bronco Bobs. Haven't tried this one yet, but it sounds interesting. Love raspberries, just don't know what to use this with.

aka Terri
Organic Moroccan Mint Tea sample and coupon. Love tea, so will give this one a try.

aka Terri
Coupon for free Wholly Guacamole product and bag clip. While not a big fan of guacamole, I never turn down free! And love the little bag clip!

All in all, I think this is another good month for Goodies! The box was really heavy because of the coconut water, and thought it was a good value. You can't beat the price, and it's always good to try new things. Do you subscribe to Goodies? What did you think of this month's box?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Julep Hooray for May Mystery Box

Julep is a subscription service whose main focus is on nail polish. They've started to branch out into skincare and make-up, but I prefer their nail polish. I keep saying that I'm going to stop ordering their mystery boxes but I can't seem to resist, no matter how disappointing my boxes have been.
Have to admit that I got really excited when I saw the size of this box! Thought that my luck had finally changed and I was the lucky recipient of one of the big boxes! Especially since I had a hard time getting it out of my mailbox, as it was really jammed in there.
Sad to say that the big box was misleading. I received box #4.
First look. At least it's pretty, with blue shredded paper, rose tissue paper, and the nail polish inside the usual green paper bag.
Julep was having a special promo that if you ordered $25 or more, you'd get a free bottle of Annie polish. The mystery box was $24.99, so I added the $4 tote bag because I really wanted Annie.
While I'm still not happy that the mystery boxes cost $24.99 now, I do like that this one was polish only. They threw in another sample of Rock Star hand creme, but I haven't tried it yet.
Korin, Emmanuelle, Vera, Kylie, and Audrey.
Part of this mystery box was a bonus polish in a gift bag, suitable for gift giving or to keep for yourself. I received Zelda in my bonus bag. The blue polish is my free bottle of Annie.

I really, really need to stop ordering mystery boxes because they always seem to disappoint. Emmanuelle is a duplicate, and I don't really like Korin, Vera, or Audrey. Kylie is a little dark for me, but I'll give it a try. Haven't made up my mind about Zelda.

Did you receive the Hooray for May mystery box? Were you happy with the colors you received? Can you please stage an intervention so I stop ordering them?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Some assembly required

Bought an exercise bike as I figured I'd have a better chance of using it at home rather than buy a gym membership we'd never use. Decided on a recumbent bike as that's supposed to be better for rehab than the regular one. Need to do something, as my knee is getting worse.

aka Terri
Some assembly required? Ha!

aka Terri
Got the seat and handlebars on! One of the holes wasn't cut out correctly, so I used a metal nail file to enlarge it. And it worked! I am a genius.

aka Terri
Read a review that said they put it together in an hour. Pretty sure they lied....

Took way too long to put this puppy together, and we lost a screw in the front wheel. It fell as I was trying to attach the long section in front and disappeared. Not much room because of the wires, and I don't see how they expect a normal adult to be able to fit their hand in there. Where was a 10 year old with small arms when you need them?

aka Terri

Finished putting this together a week ago. Have I used it yet? Nope.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Wantable May Makeup Box

Wantable is a subscription box company that offers both makeup and jewelry options. When you first sign up, you take a detailed quiz so that they can better match products to your unique preferences. This is one of the most expensive subscription boxes I've signed up for at $36 per month ($40 for a single box), but I've been happy with both boxes I've received and think it's worth it!

my goodies!
Because everyone has different preferences, it's hard to know what's going to be in your personalized box. That's part of the attraction for me because even if you search for spoilers, it will still be a surprise! I did see some other boxes that had some things I was hoping for, but my box was pretty good too.

Haven't heard of FACE Stockholm, but figure you can never go wrong with lipstick. This is in Raspberry, but isn't too, too red.

Eco Tools eye brushes
I don't have very many eye brushes, so am looking forward to experimenting with this six piece set from Eco Tools! 

KnockOut nail polish
Nail polish is one of my favorite items and I'm slowly (or not so slowly according to DH) expanding my collection. Haven't heard of KnockOut Cosmetics before, but absolutely love this bottle! It looks blue to me, but the color is named Concrete. Will be curious to see how it looks on my nails.

FACE eye shadow
From the same company as my lipstick, I received a smoky matte eye shadow in Russian Caviar. Now I have a chance to use my new eye shadow brushes!

3 Custom Color bronzer
Received a mini bronzer from Three Custom Color in Cool. Think I'm well stocked on bronzers now, so can start trying them all out!

Frownies eye gels
Frownies eye gels were the extra item in this month's box. Supposed to help with puffy eyes, so will set these aside until needed.

While I do have some box envy on other Wantable boxes this month, I'm pleased overall with what I received. I think I'm going to skip next month as I'm a little buried under makeup samples from the past few months and need time to play with everything, but will probably get more boxes in the future.

If you're interested in trying the Wantable makeup box, remember to use ebates in order to get cash back! You might as well sign up for the $36 subscription to save a few bucks, as you can cancel at any time. If you do get a box, please let me know what you think!

*post contains affiliate links. Subscription purchased for my personal use.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

April Little Black Bag

aka Terri

Little Black Bag is a subscription service with a twist: after you place your order, you can trade items with other customers. I've noticed that since LBB changed their business model from a set price ($29.95 or $49.95) to individual pricing, trading has really slowed down. I don't blame anyone, as I wouldn't want to trade my $60 purse for a $20 pair of earrings either. It's a shame, because the trading was what made LBB unique and fun. 

aka Terriaka Terri

For some reason, I always get a little thrill when I see the LBB box at my front door! I've never gotten the old-school tissue paper wrapped around my items, but it's just laid on top. Wrapping the items like a gift sounds nice, but I can understand why they don't do that any more as it has to take too much time.

aka Terri

My goodies! I got lucky and was able to trade for some items I really wanted, but had to be patient because it took hours to get a decent trade. The seven day trading period really made a difference, as I didn't receive very many offers at all. I had to put out literally hundreds of offers to increase the value of my bag so I could offer good trades for the things I really wanted. Very pleased with the final results!

aka Terri

I had this Rain beaded bracelet in my last bag, but traded it away and couldn't get it back in time. So happy when I managed to get hold of one, and no way was I going to let it go again!

aka Terri

These Robert Rose diamond scaled earrings looked cool in the pictures, but they're huge! I like how they're individual diamonds so there's lots of movement, but they're very much a statement earring and not an everyday pair. At least, not for me. Still, glad I got them as they're cool!

aka Terri

I don't usually like gold jewelry, but thought this pair of BCBG earrings was unique enough to take a chance on. Plus, it was my last day of trading and I had an item I didn't really like that I wanted to get rid of, so what the heck. 

aka Terriaka Terri

Two bonus items from previous months that I decided I wanted to grab if at all possible. I managed to snag two pairs of these footies, but they only sent me one. Customer Service was awesome though and sent me out the second pair without giving me any grief! And the chocolate bar was huge! Not an overly strong peppermint taste, but very tasty! Glad I was able to snag these, especially since there were only a couple of chocolate bars left!

Also got a bottle of Sebastian hair spray, but forgot to take an individual picture of it. This was a full size bottle instead of the normal sample, so no way was I going to trade it away!

Overall, very pleased with the results of my bag. I got lucky and was able to trade for items I really wanted (bracelet, socks, and chocolate), and didn't hate the remaining items. 

Not enjoying the trading atmosphere though, as 90% of the offers I received were borderline insulting. I mean, really! Who in their right mind would trade a $30 item for a $5 beauty sample? And no one seemed willing to accept a decent trade offer and seemed to want the moon in exchange! Hello? I'm not giving you a $40 necklace for your $17 hair spray! Anyone else on LBB? What do you think of the new system and how it's affected trading? Or am I just a lousy trader? *L*

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Spring Julep Mystery Box

aka Terri
I keep saying I'm not going to order any more Julep mystery boxes, but can't resist the lure of the mystery! I'm a sucker for surprises! I received Mystery Box #2.

aka Terri
Love how well Julep packs their boxes! The mystery polishes were in bubble wrap inside the light green bag, folded up and wrapped with a pretty purple ribbon. The extra bubble-wrapped polish by itself is Lena, an add-on I ordered.

aka Terri
The contents of my mystery box: Pomegranate body creme, a sample of Rock Star hand creme, Niecy, Cindy, Mindy, and Sienna polishes.  

aka Terri
Niecy, Cindy, Mindy, and Sienna.

Overall, this was a disappointing box for me. I have drawerfulls of lotions and cremes, so doubt I'll ever use the Pomegranate tub. Same thing with the Rock Star sample. Nice thought, but I'm already on lotion overload. 

As for the colors, none of them wowed me. Niecy is too close to Lauren to my eye, and I'm not thrilled with either one. Not a big fan of green or glitter, but might try Cindy to try something new and outside of my comfort zone. Mindy is boring. Sienna is not something I ever would have chosen on my own, but I don't own any gold polish so at least it isn't meh.

I've said it before and am sure I'll say it again, but no more mystery boxes for me.

Did you get an It's Spring mystery box? Were you happy with it? Please tell me I'm not the only one constantly disappointed that I don't get a Wowzer box!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ispy Spring Fling May box

Ipsy is another monthly beauty subscription that I decided to try.  Every month, you'll receive a beautiful Glam Bag with deluxe samples and full-sized beauty products. Getting a different makeup bag every month seems to be popular with subscribers, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all these different bags as I'm happy with the one I already carry in my purse. It's only $10 a month, so overall I think it's a good deal.

aka Terri
Was going to cancel Ipsy as I went a little overboard and subscribed to too many beauty boxes, then they send me this. My favorite bag ever! Well played, Ipsy. Well played.
Have heard nothing but rave reviews about Zoya nail polish, so was excited when I found out they were including a bottle in this month's bag! Was hoping for purple, and that's what I got! I'm a sucker for purple nail polish, and absolutely love this shade!
The makeup boards were all atwitter about Pacifica products being included in this month's bag as well. I'm not familiar with Pacifica, but was pleased when I pulled this perfume out of the bag. I love perfume, but haven't been getting any in my boxes. And it's vanilla, which I love! So happy it wasn't one of the other scents, as I don't really like flowery perfumes.
I was hoping for a lipstick this month, but received lip gloss instead. I'm not big on lip gloss, but like this color so will probably use it during the summer. I received Fig, which is the color I like best from this month's selection. So yea for the color and meh for lip gloss.
Another Pacifica product: Coconut Crushed Pearl body butter. Love the smell of this one! And out of all the scents I've seen, so glad this is the one I received! Love the smell, and I keep sniffing my hand. DH thinks I'm nuts, but we knew that already so no big deal.
This is the only product that I'm not thrilled with, but I don't normally use concealer so it's no big deal. Yaby concealer in Pecan, which is a little too dark for me. It's a tiny sample, so I don't know that I would use it even if it was the correct shade.

Really love my bag this month, so have decided not to cancel my subscription. I even like the makeup bag, as it's colorful and fun! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with it!

Do you have an Ipsy subscription? What did you think of your bag this month? I've read several reviews that aren't happy, but I think Ipsy nailed it this month!

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