Monday, April 22, 2013

So bright I need to wear shades! - The Birth of a Home (13)

While I'm not a big fan of white walls, choosing a paint color can be a little daunting. For instance, I like yellow. I thought that would be a good choice for the office/library/spare room, but which shade? Never knew there were so many different variations!

So we went to the paint store and brought home a couple of samples. If I had my way, I would have brought home 4-5 different shades. I was limited to two, so put them on a couple of walls and checked them throughout the day. Only problem was that I kept changing my mind on which one I liked best. DH was getting impatient, so I asked for help from my online buddies and they helped me choose. I love my online buds!

I've painted my share of walls over the years, but they were always eight feet high. Why this house has nine foot ceilings is beyond me! All I know is that I had to stand on a higher rung of the ladder than I'm comfortable with and, despite being careful, I still got paint on the ceiling! 

Turns out that DH and I have different ideas about coverage when it comes to paint. He seems to think that one pass of the roller is good, whereas I do several passes for full coverage. A little helpful advice for everyone - if one of you is as picky as I am, don't let your partner help you paint! I finally locked him out of the room and did it myself.

So now that the walls are painted and all of the furniture is in, I have to start unpacking my books. This may take awhile! Especially since I'm unpacking books I forgot I had, and my first instinct is to sit down and read them. Poor DH....this may take longer than he thought. 


  1. Yellow is one of my favorite colors, but have to admit that this turned out brighter than expected. It's a happy room now!