Wednesday, April 17, 2013

March Little Black Bag

Little Black Bag is a subscription service with a twist: after you place your order, you can trade items with other buyers. This was my last bag before LBB changed their business model from a set amount to paying based on the item value. I was going to wait until the model changed but was afraid my coupon code might not work, so went ahead and opened a $29.99 bag.

For some reason, LBB loves to ship in huge boxes!
first look
Very impressed when I saw how well everything was packed, as my items were all just thrown into my last box. The candles were wrapped in bubble wrap and my jewelry was in bubble wrap, then wrapped up in tissue paper. Well done LBB! Guess you do listen when your customers aren't happy!
my goodies
Received a pair of earrings, necklace, and two candles in this box. Managed to trade quite a bit in only three days, and was really pleased with what I wound up with!
Goose Creek candles
I've been after these candles for awhile now, so thrilled that I managed to get two! I received Morrocan Spice and Apples Delight.
Betsey Johnson Gingham Flower earrings
Have had my eye on these earrings too, in both the drop and stud. Couldn't find anyone willing to trade the studs, but happy I finally got the drops. Love Betsey's earrings!
 BCBGeneration Fish Bone necklace
Saw a post with someone wearing this and thought it was funky and cool, so was happy to accept when someone offered it in a trade. I got the hematite one, which I like better than the gold or silver.

Very happy with my box, although the fishbone necklace is a little prickly against bare skin. I'm expecting my April box in about a week, as shipping is ridiculously slow. Haven't made up my mind if I like the new LBB business plan or not. I like the option of spending less money, but it seems to have really slowed down trading as people don't seem as willing to trade down. I guess time will tell. 


  1. I still have mixed feelings about it, as while I like the lower prices I don't like the slower trading. Taking a wait and see attitude.