Sunday, March 17, 2013

Living in a construction zone

When watching House Hunters or Property Virgins (or any of the home buying shows on HGTV), I always get annoyed when the buyers turn down the perfect house because there is construction in the area. Are they serious? Why doesn't the host smack them upside the head and call them out on their stupidity? 

Yes, there is construction and it will be noisy for a few months, but then you'll have your Dream Home in a nice, new neighborhood! And an active construction site means the area is new or being revitalized, so property values can only go up! Can't get over some people's short-sightedness. But I digress...
these were empty lots! now look at them!

We are currently living in a new neighborhood, surrounded by construction. I wake up most mornings to the sound of hammering, but that's because I like to sleep late. The crews are considerate and don't begin work before 8am during the week or 10am on weekends. These guys work hard, often staying until it gets dark and working most weekends! Bad weather means they can't work, so they seem to grab every second of decent weather and put it to good use. Have to say that I'm impressed!
wood is constantly being delivered

Living in the midst of all this construction, we've gotten used to the sound of heavy trucks rolling by during the day. There is constant traffic, either cement trucks or big rigs delivering wood/sod/bricks/etc. We now know the company names of the plumbers, electricians, painters, and cleaning crews. And we see the pest control guy go by at least twice a week, as he's constantly signing up new clients as the neighborhood grows. Nice guy, but hope we don't see him again until the next treatment!
roofing only takes a couple of days

While I knew that Ty Pennington could build a house in 7 days, I never realized how quickly a neighborhood could be completed. We drive by an empty lot one day, and two days later the foundation is in! Suddenly it's framed, the siding is up, and we're watching the cabinets being delivered. Pretty cool! 

So all in all, it's not that bad living in a construction zone. The sound of hammers does carry, but it's only during the day. And we know that construction isn't going to last forever. Not thrilled that the porto potty is practically on our front lawn, though it is convenient to have a dumpster next door in case something doesn't fit in the trashcan. ;)


  1. I'm cracking up. We live in new construction too. It's fun to watch the houses go up. And even MORE fun to play on the giant dirt piles they leave when they dig the basements!!!

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  2. No basements here because everything is on a slab, so no King of the Mountain for us. :(