Monday, March 25, 2013

Julep Spring Mystery Box

Received my Julep Spring Mystery Box! 

Julep is a subscription service where you first take a style quiz, then receive a box with 2-3 awesome shades of nail polish every month! And if you don't like your profile pick that month, you can always try another style. You even have the option of skipping the month if nothing grabs your fancy. I like that option!

This was my second mystery box and the price went up from $19.99 to $24.99, so I had high expectations. Especially when I saw the size of the box! Sad to say that I was disappointed.

AKA Terri

This was the shipping box. It had a smaller black box inside. Larger than the usual Julep box, but apparently one of the smaller mystery boxes. :(

AKA Terri

I received mystery box version 1:

  • Julep one-step polish remover pad - curious to see if this works, as I haven't had much luck with polish remover pads in the past
  • Julep emery board - just received an emery board from another beauty box, but can always use another!
  • Julep daylight defense for hands & face - big disappointment, as I have no use for this
  • 3 twist ties - don't have much use for these either, so will probably give them away
  • 3 chocolate eggs - generic chocolate eggs, but they disappeared quickly!
  • Ashley nail polish (no listing) - a cool coppery orange that's my favorite of the three polishes
  • Camille nail polish (Classic With A Twist) - this was the shade in every box that was supposed to appeal to everyone, but I'm not a big fan of glitter polish and am still undecided if I'll even unwrap it
  • Lauren nail polish (Classic With A Twist) - a fun hot pink that will be great for summer!

Probably wouldn't have been as disappointed if they hadn't raised the price for this box. And I need to stay away from watching YouTube unboxings, as I saw that several people had received 10 (ten!) polishes in their box! Would have loved to receive that box!

Wonder if anyone else was disappointed with their Julep mystery box?