Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Julep - Cupid's Mystery Box & Intro Box Reviews

Having recently discovered the fascinating world of subscription boxes, I knew I had to try Julep the minute I heard they specialized in nail polish! I'm a sucker for nail polish and can't resist trying fun new shades!

Julep asks you to take a short quiz when you first visit their website so they can best determine your style. I took it twice as I couldn't decide which colors I liked best. Think I'm a mix between Classic With A Twist and Boho Glam. 

Soon after I placed my first order, I received an email about a special mystery box for February. Couldn't resist that offer, so ordered that one as well! As fate (and the post office) would have it, I received both boxes on the same day. It was like Christmas!

Cupid's Mystery Box

Julep Cupid's Mystery Box
The white mystery box was the biggest, so that's the one I opened first! According to the label, I received mystery box #5.

I like that the polishes were wrapped in bubble wrap and nestled on a bed of shredded paper to help protect them. And the red was a nice touch for Valentines Day!

Sadly, I didn't receive one of the big boxes or any jewelry or gift cards. Did receive four polishes, the special holographic polish, and a lip gloss:

Evangeline - holographic polish in a pretty copper color
Charlotte - a smoky violet creme (Boho Glam)
Rose - watermelon red creme (Classic With A Twist)
Emma - seashell pink shimmer (American Beauty)
Maya - a peachy pink shimmer (Classic With A Twist)
Camellia lip gloss - a shimmering pink

All in all, a pretty good value for $19.99! I'm not sure if I'll like Emma as it looks pretty red in the bottle and I'm not big on reds, but I'll wait to see what it looks like on my nails. Funny how that's the only color not in my preferred styles! Not a big fan of the lip gloss either as I don't care for pink shimmering lips, but it might be fun to wear this summer. Pleased overall with my first mystery box!

Classic With A Twist Intro Box

Classic With A Twist intro box

My intro box came in a black box with black shredded paper. Not as pretty as the mystery box, but seemed to have a refined elegance in its simplicity.

welcome & info cards

Unlike the mystery box that didn't have any cards, this one had two: a welcome note from the founder with Maven tips on the back, and a card introducing the Classic With A Twist style. To be honest, I couldn't remember which intro box I had ordered as I took the quiz twice, so this was a nice surprise. 

The polish was wrapped in pretty pink paper with a black bow. Nice touch! They were wrapped in bubble wrap and cushioned in shredded paper, just like the other box. I also received a lip balm with SPF 15 sunscreen.

Barbara - a magenta glitter
Meryl - a neutral gray creme
Essential cuticle oil, which is supposed to strengthen nails and cuticles
Daylight defense lip balm - has a subtle vanilla mint flavor

 Really like the gray, but have some trepidations about the glittery magenta. I like the color, but the last glitter polish I used didn't want to come off my nails. Will give it a try and hope for the best!

Am very happy with both of my boxes and glad that I gave Julep a chance! If anyone is interested in trying Julep, here's an invitation link (my referral code is 8240540). I used coupon code MAVENINTRO to get my intro box for a penny! With shipping it came to only $4, which is a great deal!

Looking forward to trying out all the great new colors!