Sunday, February 10, 2013

Graze - My first subscription box!

Received my first subscription box on Saturday! From, the box contains four healthy, nutritious snacks. I like that you can choose between a nibble box (all options) or a light box (low calorie snacks). At only $5 per week, with the first and fifth weeks free, this seems like a great deal!

It took a little over a week to arrive, so I have some concerns about their delivery system because this is supposed to be a weekly service. Although they did send me an email on Thursday that some deliveries were taking longer than expected so please be patient. It's a new service, so guess they're still working out the kinks.

It came in a cardboard box and was smaller than expected, but the snacks were a good size for single servings. There was a personalized card included with my name, saying hello and welcoming me to the club. The back of the card had nutritional info for the snacks, all between 77-183 calories. I had decided on the nibble box as I didn't want to limit any of my choices and wasn't as concerned about calories.

While I had given my preferences when ordering, I wasn't sure what exactly I'd be receiving so was excited to open the box! I love surprises!

In this box, I received:

  • honeycomb crunch - really enjoyed this one! It's a mix of milk chocolate coated honeycombs, raisins, and almonds. Never had honeycomb before, and the chocolate made it even better! Marked this one as a "love" and would like to receive it again!
  • tropical sundae - this one was our favorite, with dried mango, pineapple, and banana! There was only one piece of mango, but plenty of pineapple and bananas. Rather than the usual dried banana chips, these are called banana coins and they're much moister than dried chips. Love this one and will request again!
  • pomodoro rustichella - this one was our least favorite, with cheese croutons, tomato, basil and oregano almonds, and mini tomato breadsticks. The breadsticks and croutons were just okay, but didn't really care for the almonds. Going to "trash" this one so they don't send it to me again.
  • natural vanilla seeds - this was a mix of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds with vanilla coating. Liked the taste, but some of the seeds were so small that we both wound up spilling some. Think this one would be easier to eat with a spoon.

While these are labeled as single servings, there was enough for us to share each snack. A healthy alternative to the usual chips or pretzels, I think I'll let my subscription continue for a few more boxes before making a final decision. I've new to the world of subscription boxes, but love the idea of receiving a surprise in the mail every week! And at only $5 a week, it's an affordable treat!

If anyone wants to give them a try, you can get your first box free by using my invitation code HL6RJNYD at They will ask for a credit card, but if you don't like your first box, you can always cancel. It's a win-win!