Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birth of a New House (9)

Met the builder at the house Thursday morning and our realtor gave him a piece of her mind because of all the problems we've been having. I love our realtor! The main thing we were upset about was that they never kept us updated and kept promising everything was hunky-dory when it really wasn't. If they had just told us the truth and been up front about possible delays, we wouldn't have been so upset.

There was a new boss there. He seemed nice. Apologized, said all the right things, and made a few promises. We'll see if he comes through for us.

After our final (hopefully!) walk-through, we went to our lawyer's office for the closing. Best. Closing. Ever. Only took a few minutes and didn't have to jump through any hoops! SC is much better at closings than NJ!

It's finally ours!

Love the way the dining room turned out! They threw in crown molding as sort of an appeasement for all the trouble we had during the building process. Pretty! Guy installed it Friday, but the painters weren't available until Saturday morning. Talk about last minute! The painters left and our movers showed up about 20 minutes later!

Yea! They made it!

Didn't even have to ask how they were going to protect the floors. First thing they did was cover the stairs and the hardwood. These guys are good!

Never knew that recliners came in pieces...weird

Will figure out where the little stuff goes later, so put most of it in the office

So nice to see all of our stuff again!

Took a little over four hours for them to unload the truck. Only three men, but they were really good! We had them put all of the boxes in the garage and we'll sort them out later. Unpacked a few boxes, but were exhausted so went to bed early. 

Couldn't find any pillows, so we improvised! Excited to spend our first night in our new home!