Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birth of a New House (11)

The unpacking is not progressing as quickly as DH would like, as I don't want to just throw things in cabinets and closets and then have to move them later.

I'll be happy when the porto-potty is finally removed! I was joking with someone that I couldn't wait for our indoor plumbing to be connected and they thought I was serious! :o

DH was determined to rearrange the garage until at least one car could fit. Mission accomplished! Guess who got to park their car on the driveway? Hint - wasn't him!

Found these at Costco and am putting them on everything! Between the hardwood floors and the kitchen countertops, I'm paranoid we're going to ruin them. Wonder if they make these for dogs?

Tired of waiting for me to find homes for everything, DH has started unpacking boxes and stacking them everywhere. I don't mind the shelves as it's almost like shopping, but I sorta need to be able to do laundry!

At least he's making neat stacks as he moves things back and forth in the garage...