Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventures in Dining - P.F. Chang's

Received gift cards to P.F. Chang's, so decided to stop by for lunch today. They sat us at a booth for six, so had plenty of room! Kind of hard to read the menu as it was so dark inside. Not sure why some restaurants don't want you to read the menu or see what you're eating. Not the darkest restaurant we've ever been to, but definitely in the top ten!

Started with an appetizer of spring rolls, but forgot to take a picture. We really liked both the rolls and the dipping sauce!

Lunch came with either a soup or salad. We both chose the mixed green salad. I liked the lime vinaigrette that came with it, but DH used plain vinegar. Pleased with the size of the salad, and the taste wasn't bad either. Mostly lettuce, but a nice mix.

I ordered sweet & sour chicken with fried rice. The peppers were cut too large for my taste, but the chicken was tender and the sauce wasn't too overpowering. Really liked the fried rice, especially with the pot sticker sauce the server mixed for us.

DH ordered the crispy honey chicken with fried rice. The chicken had a little kick of flavor, but it wasn't too much and the meat was tender. There were sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes on the side.

We both cleared our plates and really enjoyed our lunch! It was a little more expensive than our usual Chinese meals, but we liked it enough that we'll probably visit again.