Monday, February 18, 2013

Adventures in Dining - New York Diner

Due to all of the NY and NJ transplants in the area, we have high hopes for any restaurant labeled a diner!

This is a small place, with booths around the outside and tables filling every possible space. Felt a little cramped to me, but DH thought it was cozy. Typical diner furniture, and the employees looked like they were from NY but I didn't ask. So far, so good!

DH ordered eggs over medium with bacon, home fries, and whole wheat toast. Said the eggs were cooked correctly, the bacon was crispy, and the home fries were good.

I ordered challah french toast with bacon. Crispy bacon, and the french toast was really thick! Presentation wasn't as nice as other restaurants, but still a good, filling meal.

While a little more expensive than other breakfast places, still a good value with good-sized portions. It's not that far away, and we're already looking forward to trying it out for lunch. Think we've found our new hang-out!