Sunday, February 24, 2013

Adventures in Dining - The Eggs Up Grill

We've started going out for Sunday breakfast and trying new places, so how could we resist a place claiming to specialize in eggs? There are 5 locations in the area, but we were lazy and went to the one just up the road.

The parking lot was pretty full, which is always a good sign! Happy that we didn't have to wait and the hostess sat us right away at a booth. I like booths better than tables, as I feel too exposed at a table. Weird, but true.

The silverware was wrapped up in a paper napkin, stuffed in a little paper wrapper. Extra napkins were on a dispenser on the wall. Can't say I've ever seen a napkin dispenser on the wall before.

DH ordered his usual:  eggs over medium, home fries, bacon, and wheat toast. Said the eggs were good and the bacon was crispy, but he didn't really care for the potatoes as they were too chunky. I tried some and he was right, as they tasted more like dinner potatoes than home fries. Still good though. The toast was toast. Not dry, but nothing special.

My breakfast was a disappointment. Decided to try cinnamon raisin french toast as I've never had that before. It was good, but as you can see from the picture, there wasn't much too it. First time I've ever ordered french toast and not received a side. I ate half of DH's toast as I was still hungry.

Overall, this was just an okay breakfast. It was the most expensive place we've tried so far, but still affordable. Can't see us going back though, as we have better options closer to home.