Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Birth of a Home (4)

We're getting closer and closer to our closing date and are getting a little nervous about the lack of progress on our house. They keep assuring us that it will be done on time, but we're having a hard time believing them. For instance, why are there crews working on other unsold houses when ours is just sitting there empty? Some of the cabinets are in, but there's still so much to do! Yeah, we're nervous...

Not much has changed on the outside, but it is nice to see that Purchased sign!

They did put the first coat of paint on, but it needs at least one more coat. The foreman told us it would only take one week for the painting, and it's been over a week. Tick tock, guys!

The hall bath

Some of the kitchen cabinets are up, and they look good!

Dual sinks in the master bath, and the water closet

The shower surround is in! And the tub backsplash, so guess that's something

View from the dining room into the kitchen; love the archway! The kitchen is still missing something...

Kitchen pantry

View from the dining room

 It's coming together and starting to look like a house, but there's still so much to do!