Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birth of a New House (6)

We're coming down to the wire now and closing is scheduled for Wednesday!

Looks cuter than expected. I like the little white trim details.

There were 4-5 guys there today putting in the carpet. Not thrilled with the color, but we didn't get a choice. Why anyone would choose a light colored carpet is beyond me, but at least it will hide all the sand we'll probably track in!

The hardwood floors are done, so glad to see they covered them for protection

Ceiling fans and lighting have been installed

It looks like a bathroom now! With a shower stall, mirror, and lights!

Cabinets are all in, and can't wait for the appliances to arrive! Really like the staggered look and wish I had more than one. Guess I should be happy with that one, as I was afraid I wouldn't get any.

The porch has been screened in and has ceiling fans!

Glad the dumpster finally left our front yard! 

Going to stop by tomorrow to remind them about the blinds and medicine cabinet, then again on Tuesday for our final walk-through. Hope they get everything done in time, as we still don't have the kitchen appliances or countertops. May start biting my nails again!