Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birth of a Home (5)

Pleased with the progress on the house. Getting close to closing, and saw crews working on both Saturday and Sunday. They keep assuring us that it may look like chaos, but it will get done on time!

we have siding!

Paint looks done, just needs a few touch-ups  Some of the baseboard is in, as well as the fireplace surround. They also took down the metal railing on the stairs.

Never had a gas fireplace before! Pretty!

We not only have doors in the bathrooms, but also floors! Woo hoo!

Shower and water closet getting there....

Upstairs bonus room and bath

laundry area now has a floor!

master bedroom

back porch has siding and a ceiling...just needs to be screened in now

hall bath

Front bedroom. Didn't expect actual doors on the closet, as I thought they'd be sliding closet doors. Thinking the alcove will be a perfect spot for one of my bookcases!

seriously in love with the arches!

The salesman keeps reassuring us that everything will be done on time, but DH is gunshy after we lost the last house 3 days before closing. Don't think he'll be satisfied until we actually have the keys in hand, but I have faith! *L*