Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Adventures in Dining - The Litchfield Diner

We pass by The Litchfield Diner almost every day and the parking lot is always packed, so we knew we needed to eat there before we left the area! Plus, how can you resist a place with a huge sign out front proclaiming "We have the best breakfast in town!"?

First time I've seen biscuits and gravy on a breakfast menu, so had to order it! I always order biscuits and gravy whenever we visit the South, but this dish had a really strong pepper taste. Plus, the sweet tea was overly sweet. Someone has a heavy hand!

DH ordered eggs over medium, fried potatoes, bacon, and wheat toast. Said the eggs were really good, but the the bacon was overly crisp and the potatoes were a little bland. Most of the time, fried potatoes come with peppers and onions, but these were just potatoes. Catsup helped. The toast was toast. I stole a slice so I could try the apple cinnamon jelly, which was new to me. Not bad!

Overall, it was just okay and we weren't sure what the attraction was because we've had better breakfasts at a few other places in town. The prices weren't bad, but in line with other breakfast joints. The inside was really small too, maybe 100 seats, so not sure where everyone fits when the parking lot is full. Not worth a repeat visit.