Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birth of a New House (8)

Had two walk-throughs with the builder, once last night and again this afternoon. Original closing was scheduled for today, but there were a few snags so we pushed it back to Thursday to be on the safe side. Good thing, as they still don't have the CO. Very disappointed that they kept insisting that it would be ready, and it's not. So much for their assurances that we shouldn't worry and they know what they're doing. *sigh*

the outside is finished!

landscaping is in

love the crown molding on the ceiling in the master bedroom!

dining room

master bathroom

lots of little things left to be fixed, like the spilled stain on the staircase

washer & dryer in, but wall needs to be patched

countertops were in by the time we left last night, but found several chips in them today

Everything needs to be finished tomorrow morning, as we have a delivery scheduled. Am to the point where I don't believe anything they tell us anymore. Very disappointed with the builder right now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Consignment Shop Finds (4) - I hope my ancient ancestors would be proud of my bargain hunting and gathering skills.

During our consignment shop trips, I never even noticed the rugs on the floor. Think the only reason I noticed during this visit was because I had just started pricing rugs for our dining room. Walking through the store, it was like a lightbulb went off and we realized they were selling the rugs on the floor too!

We were actually considering another rug, then saw this one by the front door when I went to grab a sales clerk. Positioned myself where I could see both rugs, and this one "won". Think it's perfect for our dining room! It was marked $124, but I asked if she could do better and got it for $90, so yea!

Adventures in Dining - The Litchfield Diner

We pass by The Litchfield Diner almost every day and the parking lot is always packed, so we knew we needed to eat there before we left the area! Plus, how can you resist a place with a huge sign out front proclaiming "We have the best breakfast in town!"?

First time I've seen biscuits and gravy on a breakfast menu, so had to order it! I always order biscuits and gravy whenever we visit the South, but this dish had a really strong pepper taste. Plus, the sweet tea was overly sweet. Someone has a heavy hand!

DH ordered eggs over medium, fried potatoes, bacon, and wheat toast. Said the eggs were really good, but the the bacon was overly crisp and the potatoes were a little bland. Most of the time, fried potatoes come with peppers and onions, but these were just potatoes. Catsup helped. The toast was toast. I stole a slice so I could try the apple cinnamon jelly, which was new to me. Not bad!

Overall, it was just okay and we weren't sure what the attraction was because we've had better breakfasts at a few other places in town. The prices weren't bad, but in line with other breakfast joints. The inside was really small too, maybe 100 seats, so not sure where everyone fits when the parking lot is full. Not worth a repeat visit.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Birth of a New House (7)

We were supposed to have our home inspection today, but got a call from our realtor that the power and water weren't on so the inspector couldn't do anything. She was not happy. Am pretty sure she yelled at the builder. She can be scary....

The front railing is going to be so cute when done!

dining room light

hall bath

They painted the front door! I would have liked red or purple, but black is cool!

the appliances came!

Hopefully, the countertops will show up, they will install the wainscoting, and turn on the power and water tomorrow. Also need the shrubs planted and the crown molding installed. Yikes! There's still so much to do!  

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Birth of a New House (6)

We're coming down to the wire now and closing is scheduled for Wednesday!

Looks cuter than expected. I like the little white trim details.

There were 4-5 guys there today putting in the carpet. Not thrilled with the color, but we didn't get a choice. Why anyone would choose a light colored carpet is beyond me, but at least it will hide all the sand we'll probably track in!

The hardwood floors are done, so glad to see they covered them for protection

Ceiling fans and lighting have been installed

It looks like a bathroom now! With a shower stall, mirror, and lights!

Cabinets are all in, and can't wait for the appliances to arrive! Really like the staggered look and wish I had more than one. Guess I should be happy with that one, as I was afraid I wouldn't get any.

The porch has been screened in and has ceiling fans!

Glad the dumpster finally left our front yard! 

Going to stop by tomorrow to remind them about the blinds and medicine cabinet, then again on Tuesday for our final walk-through. Hope they get everything done in time, as we still don't have the kitchen appliances or countertops. May start biting my nails again!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Consignment Shop Finds (3) - I hope my ancient ancestors would be proud of my bargain hunting and gathering skills.

Sometimes I'll see something in one of the shops and don't buy it, but can't get it out of my mind. That's what happened with this cat statue. I don't usually like modern art or metal statures, but there was just something about this guy that I couldn't resist!

I tried to get a better picture of his coloring so took him outside in the sun, but couldn't get a good shot showing the different shades. And I like that there is texture to him too instead of just being smooth. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birth of a Home (5)

Pleased with the progress on the house. Getting close to closing, and saw crews working on both Saturday and Sunday. They keep assuring us that it may look like chaos, but it will get done on time!

we have siding!

Paint looks done, just needs a few touch-ups  Some of the baseboard is in, as well as the fireplace surround. They also took down the metal railing on the stairs.

Never had a gas fireplace before! Pretty!

We not only have doors in the bathrooms, but also floors! Woo hoo!

Shower and water closet getting there....

Upstairs bonus room and bath

laundry area now has a floor!

master bedroom

back porch has siding and a ceiling...just needs to be screened in now

hall bath

Front bedroom. Didn't expect actual doors on the closet, as I thought they'd be sliding closet doors. Thinking the alcove will be a perfect spot for one of my bookcases!

seriously in love with the arches!

The salesman keeps reassuring us that everything will be done on time, but DH is gunshy after we lost the last house 3 days before closing. Don't think he'll be satisfied until we actually have the keys in hand, but I have faith! *L*