Thursday, December 20, 2012

Adventures in Dining - True Blue

Had a few people recommend the restaurant at the True Blue golf club, so we decided to check it out for breakfast. It's not the usual golf course 19th hole, and there's a nice size dining room plus a heated porch with even more tables. It was a nice day, so we decided to eat on the porch. 

True Blue clubhouse

Gorgeous view of the 18th green from the porch
I decided to have french toast with a side of bacon. Was impressed with the presentation, and liked how they stood the bacon up like little flags! The bacon was nice and crisp, unlike the usual limp bacon restaurants usually serve. The french toast was perfect! DH ordered eggs and bacon and was pleased with his dish as well. Both breakfasts were less than $5 each, so very affordable!

Walked around the clubhouse after eating and there's a nice outdoor porch overlooking the 18th green as well. I can see golfers relaxing there with a beer after playing. Very inviting! We plan on going back for lunch, and may be back for breakfast as well!