Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving at the Hard Rock

This is the tale of how we wound up having Thanksgiving dinner in a pyramid....

Since we are currently living in a rental, I didn't want to mess with having to cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner this year. Would have had to buy too many items I already own since they're still in storage. Decided it would be easier (for me) if we simply went out to eat, even though it goes against tradition. DH agreed, so I started researching restaurants.

Finally found a nice restaurant that came highly recommended. I was a little nervous about my choice since they weren't advertising like all the other places, but the hostess assured me when I called that they were open on Thursday. She even told me that they would have a limited selection available from their regular menu for anyone who didn't want the Thanksgiving meal. At only $18.95 per person, I happily made a reservation and thought we were all set.

Thanksgiving Day dawned nice and sunny. We made reservations for 4pm so we could go for a sunset stroll along the boardwalk after dinner. We try not to eat too much Thanksgiving Day so we can stuff ourselves on turkey and all the fixin's, so we were both hungry by the time we left for the restaurant.

Was strange how most of the restaurants we passed on the way were closed, but we were secure in our belief that reservations meant the restaurant would be open. Uh-oh. Drove right by it because the parking lot was empty. DH turned around and pulled in, but the place was dark. What the heck? Yep, it was closed.

Practically starving by now and incredibly annoyed, we drove off in search of someplace else to eat. Passed empty lot after empty lot, interspersed with packed parking lots and people lined up at the doors. No way could we stand in line, as our stomachs were growling and I was already very, very cranky. 

I remembered the names of a few restaurants from their ads but, as we're new in town, we had no idea where they were. So we kept driving, hoping we would stumble across one of them. No such luck. We were about to resign ourselves to a fast food dinner when we realized we were getting near the Broadway at the Beach shopping extravaganza. Knowing that they had several restaurants, we pulled into the parking lot.

First thing we saw was the Hard Rock pyramid. And people were going up the steps! No lines! We decided to take a chance and went inside. Pleasantly surprised to find out that they were offering a Thanksgiving buffet. Score!

With low expectations, we got into line. The line moved quickly and we filled up our plates with all of the traditional fixin's; glazed carrots, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. I skipped the green bean casserole and sweet potatoes. The next section was an actual carving station for the turkey! Very impressed! Covered the turkey and potatoes with gravy (skipped the cranberry sauce) and made our way back to our table.

The turkey was tender, the stuffing wasn't too wet or too dry, and the potatoes weren't at all lumpy. Who knew that the Hard Rock could pull off such an incredible Thanksgiving feast? Granted, we were both hungry and that may have had something to do with it, but we both went back for seconds! The green beans were replaced by cheesy broccoli, which was better than expected. Got more turkey and stuffing as well. nom nom nom

As we were making our way through the line for seconds, we noticed the busboy clearing off our table. I started laughing, as it struck me as really funny. Just didn't seem to be our day! Our waitress saw what was happening and shouted over to us that she had our back. By the time we got back to the table, she was on her way over with replacement drinks.

The buffet came with drinks and dessert, but it was late in the day and they ran out of the chocolate mousse. No worries, as it's not really Thanksgiving without the pumpkin pie! Guess our waitress felt bad about the whole cleaning off the table business, as she gave me a huge square of pie with a massive amount of whipped cream. Managed to eat most of it too, as it tasted sooooo good!

Don't know if the girl who took our original reservation was punking us or genuinely thought they were going to be open Thanksgiving Day, but it all turned out in the end. We got a great dinner for a cheaper price, have a new funny story to share, and possibly have a new family tradition (just have to talk DH into going back next year!).

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  1. Aww...glad things turned out right in the end though and yes, quite the story to share! Just don't go making THAT your new holiday tradition. LOL! ^_^