Thursday, November 8, 2012

Road Trip! - The Big Move (4)

Left New Jersey the minute the movers took the last box out the front door. Yeah, there were still lots of boxes on the front lawn, but we were outta there! Locked the doors behind us and hit the road!

Had really hoped to get on the road earlier, but it took longer than expected to empty the house. Even with five movers. We have an awful lot of stuff. Mostly book boxes. Yea, I have a lot of books. Get over it DH!

If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes...
Got lucky with the weather, as it was dry and sunny. You'd never know a major hurricane was on it's way! Made really good time. Luckily, DH and I both agree that the less stops on a road trip, the better. Stopped for lunch at McDonalds, our go-to stop for road trips. We go in, use the bathroom, and get lunch to go. Their burgers are the best to eat with one hand as you're driving!

Our goal on Day One was Lexington, VA. Only made a few stops after lunch, to use the bathroom and walk around some. Was tough as we're used to switching off, and it's been years since we've taken two cars anywhere. 

Was pleasantly surprised that my knee didn't hurt. Was really bad the first hour, but I kept shifting my seat until I found a good position and it didn't hurt the rest of the trip. Who knew a bent knee hurt less than a straight one while driving? 

Lost track of the number of utility truck convoys we passed. Tons of trucks heading towards the East Coast to help out with Sandy. Even saw a convoy of four Lifeguard vans! Hope they were heading out to help, not to catch some waves! *L*

Followed DH most of the way, as it doesn't bother me to follow and he seems to like being the "lead dog". 

We actually made our goal of Lexington! Probably should have stopped earlier, but I wanted to push it as was worried about Monday's weather. The news reports weren't good, but it's harder to drive when it's dark out and you're tired. 

Found the exit okay, but drove right by my hotel of choice. Hey, wasn't my fault! It was up on a hill and there were no signs! And I was really, really tired.... Anyway, found the hotel (after going into the wrong one first, but they were too expensive so we left), checked in, ordered pizza, then slept like the dead.

Got an early start on Day Two, but our good luck with the weather had run out. Most of the day was either drizzle or snow. Yes, snow! Luckily, it never got worse than rain or snow showers. Not a fun drive, but could have been worse.

Because of the weather, didn't make great time. Still did okay until we got to South Carolina, then DH did it again. Last time we drove cross country, he took a wrong turn and headed toward Memphis for some reason. I had to overtake him in order to get us back on the right road, as he never realized he was going the wrong way. This time, he pulled into the left lane to pass a slow car. Right at the split, where we were supposed to bear right. He was in the left lane. *shakes head*

We pulled off the road to regroup and decide on a new route, as we didn't want to backtrack. Agreed on a new route. Then he drove right by the agreed upon route. I tried calling him, but he had turned off his cell phone for some reason. Lucky man practically tripped over route 301, which would get us to Myrtle Beach. Of course, he later acted like he knew what he was doing, but I think this will go into the family lexicon!

Hit town at rush hour. Rush hour in Myrtle Beach is nothing like rush hour in New Jersey, but still not a whole lotta fun.

DH pulled off into a parking lot because he wasn't sure where our rental unit was and he thought he might have already passed the complex. The entrance was only a few hundred yards down the road. Love it! 

I took over the lead, found our rental with no problem, and we gratefully collapsed on the couch!

Yeah, we brought the dog. He loves the new place!

We made it! Now to unpack...

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  1. Congrats on the move!! We are doing our each weekend. The house is about 2 hours from here, so... But I do wish we could have done it all at once like you did.

    This is our big weekend when we move down permanently. I can't wait! :)