Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Leaving Town - The Big Move (3)

We scheduled our move on Sunday, Oct 28th, as our movers were fully booked during the week and I simply could not face still being in New Jersey in November. The closing was scheduled for Tuesday. Same day that Hurricane Sandy was scheduled to hit the East Coast. Naturally. We put the house on the market in March and had so many things go wrong, but I couldn't stay in town any longer. Yea, leaving town before Hurricane Sandy hit was probably silly, but I had to get out...

We were up at the crack of dawn so we could pack the bedding and last minute items. Movers called to say they were on their way at 7:40. Looked like it was finally going to happen!

The movers were great! We've used them before for our previous move and my MIL's moves. For anyone in Northern New Jersey, Marshall's Movers are the best! We had boxed up most of our stuff, but they handled everything else. 

Who knew saran wrap was such a vital part of packing?
We didn't have a whole lot to do while the movers worked, so hung out in the kitchen. Took them about 5 hours to empty the house. Hate to think how long it would take if they had to pack everything. 

After they moved out the washer and dryer, DH swept out the laundry room. Can't believe he didn't notice the dead mouse amongst the dust bunnies! Gross! :o

Had to make sure to close all the windows the guys had opened, and found an empty can of vienna sausage on a closet shelf. What the heck? I can understand the movers wanting a snack, but to leave the empty can on a shelf? Ick!

They brought the big truck!
The minute they were done taking everything out of the house, we were outta there! 

South Carolina, here we come!